CITY OF SHELL / Arc Shell – Chapter 3/3

Your final missions are: Ascending the Marine Tower

'Aided by your new ally, you have beaten Hermep and his men. From now on, all you have to do is climb the main tower of the base and flush out Colonel Morgan, in order to bring justice to this poor innocent village.'

 Goals :

  •  To harvest 5,000  berries: 0/5,000
  • Recruit 1 Sailor: 0/1
  • win 33 enemies (3 waves): 0/3
  •  [BOSS] Defeat Morgan the Chopper


For berries, the following commands:

  • ^^fish
  • ^^daily
  • ^^btl
  • ^^boat
  • ^^ddm
  • by opening your lootboxes (^^lb l to know the list of your lootboxes, and ^^lb o to open them)

For the fights ^^btl Where ^^btl a

To recruit the Sailor, YOU MUST FIRST DEFEAT Morgan the Chopper ! Then the command to do is: ^^boat crew recruit sailor.



The sailor will earn you +20% of cola, your expeditions 1 will no longer earn you 1 cola but 2 colas! To go to 3 colas, you will need 6 sailors (always with a multiple of 5+1 sailor) in your crew. (20%-120%-220%-etc..)



As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.

You will then be asked to take your boat to go to the next island, do ^^boat use and wait for the time before redoing a ^^chap next as soon as the boat arrived on the island.

Congratulations you just finished the GOAT arc!


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