CITY OF SHELL / Arc Shell – Chapter 2/3

Your second mission is: Invasion of the inner courtyard

'You have successfully reached the inner courtyard of the base. Hidden behind the low wall, you observe a brave sailor, prisoner, proudly stand up to Colonel Morgan's son. You like this man, you are determined to make him join your crew! You jump out of your hiding place to free him. If you encounter any marines, don't forget to take their den den mushi from them so they don't raise the alarm!'

 Goals :

  • To harvest 4,500  berries: 0/4,500
  • To harvest 5  cola: 0/5
  • Capture 3 dendenmushis: 0/3
  • win 24 enemies (3 waves): 0/3
  • [MINIBOSS] Defeat Hermep


For berries, the following commands:

  • ^^fish
  • ^^daily
  • ^^btl
  • ^^boat
  • ^^ddm
  • by opening your lootboxes (^^lb l to know the list of your lootboxes, and ^^lb o to open them)

For colas the basic commands:

  • ^^boat a cola if you're lucky (the easiest way is by boat)
  • ^^fish a way to get cola but it's quite rare
  • ^^btl a very rare means especially at the beginning of an adventure
  • .rep @koyamie on the koya server and do ^^lb o wood  you win a cola obligatorily, in the other boxes too (solid for example).


To catch DDM (dendenmushis) you have to do ^^ddmon all the servers where you are with koyabot, you can catch ddm on different shards (the bot is separated into groups of servers, named shards), on each sard you can catch a ddm, if you catch one you have to wait the time limit indicated, and if you have not caught any you must catch some before the other players.


For the fight ^^btl Where ^^btl a

If you're struggling to win, check your stats by doing: ^^train stats


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.



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