The beginning of the One Piece adventure

Welcome to the beginning of the One piece adventure created by @Koyamie#1050 on discord, with his bot Koya.


I will do the tutorial for the whole adventure, so that you can understand the game and progress freely, do not hesitate to join the tutorial discord server made by the support team  HERE, I am not connected to this discord I just give the link because there is work that has been done to teach you the basics of the game, for my part I will explain chapter by chapter.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, if I see that there are a lot of users I will put a discord depending (or send me a PM to Alucare#0010, we need a common discord so join Koyamie's if it's not already the case or that of One-Piece[FR].

I wish you all a berry-filled adventure! haha, have fun with it bot koya !


I was about to forget,


So don't get in my way 🙂 Or join my crew on this discord!!!


List of tutorials:

Fuchsia Bow:

Goat Island Arc:

Bow Shell:

Orange Bow:

Arc Syrup:

Arc Baratie:

Arc Arlong:

Loguetown Arch:




Site of Koyamie for his discord bot

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13 commentaires on "The start of the One piece adventure"

  1. great tutorial
    it helps a lot
    I'm in a hurry to have the sequel
    And have a good day/evening/night
    (so I'm going to start a pain au chocolat or Chocolatine debate
    and also Cereals before milk or milk before cereals? )

  2. Koya is a great bot the devs manage and this tutorial is really well explained by the way, little hello to Alucare (ref a castlevania?) who is super nice and who came to help me without me asking him anything 🙂


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