How to easily get berries on koya?


First of all, there is no secret technique to having more berries, you just have to spend time placing the maximum order at the right time. I will then give you all the commands to do.

The orders :

Here is the list of commands:

  • ^^daily to do every 24 hours (resets at 2:00 a.m. every day)
  • ^^fish doing it every hour, catching it every hour gives you a considerable bonus! (combo)
  • ^^ddm on several servers allows you to earn a few more berries
  • ^^boatsending your boat and docking it earns you berries, making sure you can dock it is the best way to earn exp + berries + cola easily.
  • ^^lb othe LB O allows you to open lootboxes, by doing a ^^vote you win a box that contains berries, energy, exp and sometimes cola, to do every 12 hours. You also have the .rep koyamie on the playground, a wooden lootbox with exp + berries + 1 cola.
  • ^^btl aif you are in a chapter with battles available, you will be able to earn berries easily.

There are other orders but less profitable.

With the casino:

  • ^^diceroll 2 dice you must find the right number, like all casinos it is not profitable.
  • ^^casinoanother unprofitable order from my side, 120,000 berries to spend for 0 berries won!!!

With the Colosseum:

  • ^^ colo fQuite profitable in the long term, you pay less than you can win and the average win is 50%. So it's profitable in any case, you just have to start with a good level.


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