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Adventure mode is the main game mode of Koyabot: An Adventure One Piece. It is a scripted and linear adventure, created by styrix (the author of the tutorial that you can find on this discord), SoraTheory, mysto and Tov, and developed by Koyamie, divided into different arcs and chapters (an arc contains several chapters). The adventure is inspired by the adventure of the mugiwaras, so you can find all kinds of nods and references to the manga! In order to advance in the story, you must complete a number of various objectives for each chapter (harvesting, combat, etc.). The adventure is linked to your character.



The breakdown of the adventure is as follows: sagas bring together several bow (islands), which contain several chapters in which you will have to fill in Goals To advance. The number of arcs per saga is variable, and the number of chapters is more or less important depending on the arcs.

At the writing of this article, on 21/05/2019, there is only the East blue saga, the different arcs of One piece are therefore:

  • Fuchsia Bow – 4 Chapters
  • Bow Goat – 3 Chapters
  • Orange Bow – 5 Chapters
  • Bow Shell – 3 Chapters
  • Rainbow Syrup – 5 Chapters
  • Arc Baratie – 7 Chapters
  • Arc Arlong – 6 Chapters
  • Loguetown Arch – 8 Chapters



The chapters have several objectives. There are several types of objectives:

  •  Right Facing fist : Objectives harvest ( berries, cola, den_den_mushi, sin).
  •  Crossed Swords: Objectives fight
  •  Bulb: Objectivesstock (action to be performed using the command ^^action, for example: petting an animal).
  •  Arrow double up: Objectivesimprovement (weapon training, stats, or from the boat ).
  • Goals various (other more specific objectives).


The commands to start the adventure.

 Adventure :

  • ^^adventure new

You will then be prompted to choose your character's language, race, and class. As well as the choice between Pirate, Marine or Revolutionaries. Depending on your choices you will earn a rank on the server of One Piece [EN].

During the Events on this discord, you will earn points for your faction, do not hesitate to join it!



A class defines your character's playstyle. The class defines the armeds that you can buy, and offers you a passive bonus whose power increases with your levels.


Each class has its own passive effect, which is improved when you level up thanks to theexperience . Rest assured, in the case of KoyaBot: An Adventure One Piece, the bonuses granted by your class have a relatively small impact on your statistics, so you can choose the one that appeals to you the most!

Class list:

  •  Swordsman : bonus damage.
  •  Shooter : critical hit chance bonus.
  •  Cyborg : Energy regeneration bonus.
  •  Ninja : dodge chance bonus.
  •  Fighter : hit points bonus
  •  Martial Master : Life regeneration bonus.
  •  Lancer : raw damage bonus (chance to break through defense).
  •  Tamer : leveling bonus (the experience required to pass a level is reduced).

For my part I chose Saber, the tamer is a good choice to quickly catch up BUT know that as soon as you are at the maximum level, it will not be useful to you, while another class will do more damage, more from CC (critical hit), dodge +, etc.



It will be possible to change class for sea shards (obtainable for boss or by purchasing).



The race is used to customize your character. The race grants you a bonus in one of the haki forms at the start of the game, but does not impact gameplay later on.

This haki bonus is 30 points, it is not significant especially at the beginning of the game so you can choose AS you wish :). (Less strategic as a choice than that of the class)



Each race has a predisposition in a certain type of haki. This results in a bonus of 30 points pre-assigned to your character upon creation.

  • Human : 30 points in Kings Haki.
  • Dwarf : 30 points in Observation Haki.30 points
  • Mink: 30 points in Observation Haki.
  • Longarms: 30 points in Armament Haki.
  • Long legs : 30 points in Armament Haki.
  • Long neck : 30 points in Armament Haki.
  • Fish man : 30 points in Kings Haki.
  • Giant : 30 points in Kings Haki.
  • Mermaid : 30 points in Observation Haki.

For my part I chose Mink.

I'll show you what his points correspond to.



  •  Observation Haki : Investing points in this characteristic allows you to increase your agility (dodge + critical hits). Increases stats by 0.1 % per point.
  •  Armament Haki : investing willpower points in this characteristic allows you to increase your resistance (life points + defence). Increases stats by 0.2% per point.
  •  Haki of Kings : Investing willpower points in this characteristic increases your damage by 0.2% per point.



It is not possible to change race, except by starting a new adventure.

Doing :

  • ^^adventure reset (be careful you lose ALL your progress).


To see the list of Tutorials click on Adventure One Piece.

Otherwise I invite you to continue the adventure with chapter 1, Fuchsia bow.


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