FUCHSIA VILLAGE / Arc Fuchsia – Chapter 1/4

Your first mission is as follows: First purchases

'Because of the blockade of the port, the village is infested with pirates and bandits. So you need to be on your guard. So you decide to go and get a weapon in order to have something to defend yourself with. In addition, it may greatly serve you for the rest of your adventure! '


  • To harvest 500 berries
  • Upgrade your weapon to level 1


To do this you must first make your 500 berries, at the very beginning start with a ^^daily

^^daily The daily price is approx. 450 and Exp (approx. 300) (without premiums).

^^fish You go fishing (to be done every hour), can take you straight to 500, otherwise start again the next hour. Gives Exp and berries.

^^ddm DDM hunting is done on ALL servers, giving you Exp and berries.


As soon as you reach 500, do ^^train w (shortened by ^^train weapon) then click on :white_check_mark:to improve your weapon skills.



Congratulations to you ! you have finished the first chapter of the Fuchsia arc!!!

Now done ^^chap next (shortened by ^^chapter next)


Tutorial of the next chapter:

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