How much is 1 million views on Twitch?

The income generated by 1 million views on Twitch can vary widely depending on several factors such as number of subscribers, viewer donations, advertisements and brand partnerships. Twitch is a platform where streamers can earn money in different ways. Discover them in this guide. We also tell you about the details to know about the success of streamers on this platform, as well as the amount they can collect according to their number of views.

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The main sources of income for Twitch streamers

Earning money on Twitch as a streamer is possible through different sources of income. Here are some of the top ways to make money on the platform:


Viewers can subscribe to the channels of their favorite streamers by paying a recurring monthly amount. Partner and affiliate streamers earn a share of subscription revenue.


Viewers can donate money directly to streamers during their broadcasts.


Streamers can earn money from ads shown on their channel, but it depends on the number of ads seen and their engagement rate.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Popular streamers can partner with brands for special promotions, which can earn them additional revenue.

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Viewers can buy "Bits" (a virtual currency) on Twitch and use them to send "Cheers" to streamers they like. Streamers receive a share of revenue generated by Bits.

Merchandise sales

Some streamers sell merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. with their brand or logo to earn extra revenue.

Third-party subscriptions

Twitch offers the ability to add third-party extensions to your channel, which allow viewers to subscribe through third-party services, such as Patreon, to unlock additional benefits.

Tournaments and special events

Streamers can host tournaments, special events, or play sessions with viewers to generate additional revenue.

Succeeding on Twitch: How does it work?

It's hard to give an exact figure, as earnings can vary wildly from streamer to streamer. Some very popular streamers can earn significant sums from these different sources of income, while others, not very well known, can earn much less. In addition, revenue also fluctuates depending on the activity and the number of views on the channel.

As a general rule, for streamers who have partnered with Twitch and have a strong subscriber base, 1 million views can be a significant sum, but it will depend on the diversity of their income sources and their ability to monetize their audience.

It is essential to note that success on Twitch often requires time, consistency, and dedication. It takes building a loyal community of viewers by providing quality content, engaging with viewers, and building strong connections. It's also important to abide by Twitch's rules and follow the platform's guidelines regarding revenue streams and promotions.

To become a Twitch Partner or Affiliate and access certain advanced features, such as paid subscriptions, streamers must meet certain requirements, including reaching a minimum number of followers and regular viewers.

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How much does a streamer earn with 1 million views on Twitch?

The income of a stream on Twitch depends on several factors, such as number of views, number of subscribers, donations from viewers, ads served on the channel, and revenue from sponsorships or brand partnerships. The pay rate also varies depending on the countries and the specific agreements the streamer has with Twitch.

In general, Twitch pays streamers based on the number of unique viewers who watch their live streams. Twitch's Affiliate Program allows streamers to earn money through subscriptions, Bits (a virtual currency that viewers buy to use on the platform), and advertising revenue.

As a rough guide, according to the latest stats, some streamers have reported earning roughly $3.5 for every 1000 views, but this can vary significantly. So with 1 million views, a streamer could potentially earn a few thousand dollars. Again, this is a rough estimate and actual earnings may be higher or lower depending on the previously mentioned factors.

It's important to note that these numbers may change over time and Twitch's compensation policies may change. Additionally, streamers can also generate additional revenue outside of Twitch, such as on YouTube, through video monetization.

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