How do I get the Kappa Gold emote on Twich?


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The Kappa Doré emote is much sought-after on Twitch. However, it's hard to find. Difficult is not the word, it's rare to come across this emote, its hunt has become a treasure hunt. In this article, find out how to get the Golden Kappa emote on Twitch.

Illustration of the Golden Kappa
Illustration of the Golden Kappa on Twitch.

How do I get the Golden Kappa on Twitch?

We obtain the golden Kappa thanks to the hype train. But it's rare, and the Kappa stays for 24 hours. What's more, there are no other trains in the golden kappa hype for 24 hours. As a result, only one person can have it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will be resetered forr switch to another random channel on Twitch.

What is the Golden Kappa emote? And what does it imply?

Kappa became famous on Twitch, which prompted the developers to develop a version "easter egg called Golden Kappa. So far, no one knows how to get it, except that it is randomly assigned to people. What's more, you can't keep it, because it's comes and goes in a 24-hour cycle. Rumors and speculation about how to get it have been circulating ever since it first appeared.

You can always try to write "Kappa" every day in different streams, and maybe it'll be your turn to get it. For your information, even if you manage to get the Golden Kappa, don't let yourself be carried away by the power. take it in moderation. The Golden Kappa emote is a kind of donation. To make a donation on Twitch, read our article. how to donate on Twitch.

What is the Hype Train?

The Hype Train is an opportunity for members of a Twitch community to to join forces in order to support their favorite streamer. They'll rise to the challenge to achieve unprecedented levels of hype. Indeed, their efforts will contribute to the achievement of more awards. At the same time, the Hype Train also starts when a wave of support actions appears, namely: the subscriptions, Hype Chats, Bits, etc.. And is initiated by several different viewers on a channel according to the threshold set by the streamer. A countdown timer will be triggered, where participants in the action will receive emoticons as a thank-you for their support of the channel.

Views and streamer support are important, find out in our article how much does 1 million views on Twitch earn?.

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