Deepnude: Top 5 Deepnude applications with free test!

Top 5 Deepnude apps of 2024: find out how they work and which one to choose!

Article updated on : 23 February 2024

In this article, we look at the main features of the best online generators for remove clothingas well as ethical issues and legal surrounding their use.

ChatBOT name Free version NSFW level Platform Score out of 5 Main Features 10/10 Website 5 Digitally undress any photo with this site from deepnude 9/10 Website 4,5 Remove clothes from any photo
SoulGen 8,5/10 Website 4,5 Create attractive and realistic NSFW photos from a prompt, Hentai art 8/10 Website 4 Generate nudes, specialized in NSFW content, Free and uncensored
Deep-nude 7/10 Website 4 Create deepfakes, undress any photo

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1 = The best DeepNude platform

Screenshot of home page
Screenshot of the home page. Source :

If you're interested in DeepNude, is a must-know platform. In fact, it's a website that offers an excellent service for remove clothes from a photo. From the quality of its image generation to its ease of use, is the most powerful application to date. Here are the main features of this platform:

  • 📌 Ease of use : Simply upload your photo from your computer to get a generation
  • 📌 Speed of execution : Once your file has been uploaded, it takes just a few minutes to generate.
  • 📌 Free version : If you'd like to try for free, you can! This platform offers a free version.
  • 📌 High image quality : The photos generated are of excellent quality, even in the free version!

Generate more images about

To generate more images and get more features on this platform, provides several subscription formulas. Here they are:

Screenshot of subscriptions
Screenshot of app subscriptions. Source :
🥇 Pro Plan 🥈 Standard Plan 🥉 Basic Plan
From 22$ to 49.99$/month From 11.25$ to 24.99$/month From 5.42$ to 11.99$/month
  • Excellent quality
  • Access to body type
  • Access to age criteria
  • No watermark
  • No queue
  • Undress mode
  • High quality
  • Access to body type
  • Faster processing
  • No queue
  • Medium quality
  • Access to body type
  • Faster processing

As you can see, prices vary according to the commitment you choose. In fact, the longer the commitment, the better the price. Please note that the most attractive rates for this kind of tool currently available on the web.

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2 = convenience and customization

Screenshot of home page
Screenshot of the home page. Source : offers you the following services made to measure based on AI. The software claims remove the clothes worn in the image with a single click and according to your order. However, it's important to briefly address the ethical dilemmas associated with these platforms, such as Some services can be abused to distribute obscene content without the consent of the person in the photo, which is against the law. Some may also exploit their services to distribute renderings for malicious purposes (harassment) or otherwise. It is therefore essential touse the services of this platform responsibly in order to respect the legal rights and dignity of each individual.

Here are the main features of

  • 📌 Provides a free service you can enhance as many photos as you like free
  • 📌 Easy to use all you have to do is download image to modify on the website, choose from the filters provided and select the quality to be applied, and you're done. You'll get results in less than a minute
  • 📌 Quality rendering with your quality photos If you want a better result, your photo must be in high resolution (at least resized to 1024 px width)
  • 📌 An extra feature As its name suggests, the application lets you remove the clothes of the people in the photo, or add filters. Users can also choose the result you wantIn other words, age, quality or certain characteristics. To do this, favor images with tighter clothing and good contrast between skin tone and clothing color, and hair should not cover too much of the body.

Get more features on

Would you like more features on the platform? offers a range of subscription options. Here are the different subscription options:

Screenshot of application subscriptions
Screenshot of application subscriptions. Source :
🥇 Pro Plan 🥈 Standard Plan 🥉 Basic Plan
From 27$ to 59.99$/month From 16.83$ to 37.99$/month From 10.75$ to 23.99$/month
  • Excellent quality
  • Access to body type
  • Access to age criteria
  • No watermark
  • No queue
  • High quality
  • Access to body type
  • Faster processing
  • No queue
  • Medium quality
  • Access to body type
  • Faster processing

Note that the difference in price per subscription package that you can see above is due to the different commitments offered by the application. Indeed, if you choose a 12-month subscription, the price per month will be more interesting for you. On the other hand, choosing a one-month subscription will be less advantageous.

If you don't feel like taking out a subscription, you can of course try for free.

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3 = Soulgen

Screenshot of SoulGen home page
Screenshot of the SoulGen home page. Source :

SoulGen is a NSFW AI art generator that lets you create beautiful custom images of girls from anime but also from real life with a description to type in. Indeed, the SoulGen platform can create high-quality anime characters, fantasy scenes, portraits and more. With just a few clicks, you can create the soulmate of your dreams with this AI girl generator. The generator also lets you choose from a number of parameters to refine the body, clothes and hair of your creations. Indeed, by simply uploading a photo, you can configure your generated character to look just like the person you want. Users can also edit images with new tools "Modify image" and "Extend image".

Get more features on SoulGen

If you'd like to try full SoulGen platform functionality such as no queuing, the ability to remove blur or generate multiple creations, it's best to opt for a paid subscription. SoulGen offers two attractive subscription packages:

Screenshot of SoulGen application subscriptions
Screenshot of SoulGen app subscriptions. Source :
🥇 1 month 🥈 12 months
12,99$ 90,99$

Note that if you opt for the 12-month package, you'll get 42% off the price of a one-month subscription. In fact, it's more advantageous to take out a 12-month subscription than a one-month one. So if you're planning to try out and use the SoulGen platform for a while, it's best to opt for the 12-month package.

Here are the different advantages you will get once you subscribe to this platform:

  • Blur removal
  • Priority queue
  • Generate multiple creations
  • 100 credits per month
  • Lifetime backup
  • Unlock multitasking
  • Modify image
  • Unlimited messages

You can try it for free here :

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4 = third-best AI -18 software of 2024

Screenshot of PromptChan.AI home page
Screenshot of the PromptChan.AI home page. Source :

Promptchan AI is an AI-powered image generator that differs from other Deepdnude apps in its ability to create NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, images anime-style and extra-realistic.'s main features are :

  • 📌 Ease of use The user provides written instructions (in text form) to the AI model, which then generates an image based on the instructions received from the user.
  • 📌 Spectacular rendering generates realistic images that look like real girls, i.e. like real people;
  • 📌 Free service is free to use, so you're free to create as many images as you like;
  • 📌 Other available features You can also customize rendering, such as image scaling or other enhancements.

Get more features and gems on Promptchan AI

To get more features from Promptchan AI, you'll need a paid subscription. This platform offers several subscription formulas so you can take advantage of the best features it has to offer. Here they are:

Screenshot of PromptChan.AI application subscriptions
Screenshot of PromptChan.AI application subscriptions. Source :
🥇 More 🥈 Premium 🥉 Pro
11.99$/month 18.99$/month 26.99$/month
  • 300 Gems (generations)
  • Priority access
  • Advanced features
  • Saving your profile
  • No advertising
  • 800 Gems (generations)
  • Priority access
  • Advanced features
  • Saving your profile
  • No advertising
  • 1500 Gems (generations)
  • Priority access
  • All functions
  • Saving your profile
  • No advertising
  • Maximum quality + Enlarger
  • AI characters
  • Video

Note that the Promptchan AI platform works by Gem. One generation = one Gem. That's why Promptchan AI also offers an option for buy only Gems without having to purchase a subscription. Here are the different options and prices for buying Gems :

Screenshot of PromptChan.AI Gems purchase prices
Screenshot of the PromptChan.AI application's Gems prices. Source :

Here is the price table for more Gems:

💎 50 Gems 💎 250 Gems 💎 900 Gems 💎 1800 Gems 💎 3000 Gems 💎 10,000 Gems
4,99$ 14,99$ 29,99$ 59,99$ 99,99$ 299,99$

Create realistic images for free with the best AI software :

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5 = : simplicity

Screenshot of home page
Screenshot of the home page. Source : is also a free image generator. gives priority to consent and control of the images to be generated. As a result, guarantees that users have full control over the images they upload and create. To encourage responsible use of its services, integrates powerful safety featuresincluding the possibility of deny access to generated content andpermanently delete data. What are the platform's features?

  • 📌 Easy to use one of the easiest applications to use. All the user has to do is download image on the website, from click on a button and wait for the result;
  • 📌 Stunning rendering on the whole, delivers results super realisticaccording to your wishes;
  • 📌 Offer a free package you can try it out free to learn more about the application;
  • 📌 Render according to generated image For best results, you need to ensure that the downloaded image is of the highest quality. good quality, without the hair, which hides a lot of the body, blurred images, etc.
  • 📌 An interesting feature is one of the most popular applications. Users can download the application, then upload a photo of the person wearing the clothes, then apply filters to obtain a nude photo of this person

Get more credits on Deep Nude AI

If you want generate more AI images and you've run out of credit, the Deep Nude AI platform offers to buy back credit at rock-bottom prices. Here are the two options offered by this platform:

Screenshot of credit purchases on
Screenshot of credit purchases on Source :
🥇 100 credits 🥈 500 credits
2,99$ 10,99$

Ethics and responsibility in the use of Deepnude apps from 2024

In 2024Deepnude applications offer interesting and varied functionalities for those wishing to explore the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in this field. However, it is imperative to remember the importance of ethics and responsibility when using these tools, in order to protect the privacy and legal rights of the individuals concerned.

It is crucial to emphasize that the creation and distribution of explicit, non-consensual content is unethical and illegal in many jurisdictions. Using these websites responsibly is essential to respect the privacy, dignity and legal rights of individuals. If you share your creations, it could be a risk!

Other DeepNude applications we haven't yet tested:

  • Deepnude online: undress any photo thanks to the power of AI algorithms (no software to download), try it for free! No watermarks and only for square photos.try the best DeepNude application of the moment :

Also, try the best DeepNude app of the moment:

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