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  • VidIQ is an AI-assisted platform that helps YouTube content creators optimize their videos to improve their referencing and reach a wider audience.
  • VidIQ's main features include a video idea generatorThe system includes a keyword search tool, competitor tracking, real-time analysis, and the creation of attractive thumbnails.
  • VidIQ offers two subscriptions The Boost plan for video optimization and creator follow-up, and the Coaching plan for personalized professional support.

While many people are starting to publish videos on YouTube, it's not easy to stand out from the crowd and build up a large community of subscribers. Youtubers are well aware that the relevance of their video content is crucial to the success of their channel, but that's not all! To reach a wider audience and benefit from good SEO, your videos also need to be well optimized.

That's where VidIQ comes in. This innovative AI-assisted platform helps you to optimize your video content to link directly to the winning keywords. But how does VidIQ work? What packages are available? Let me tell you what I think of this exceptional platform to help your channel stand out from the crowd!

Discover the VidIQ platform

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is an effective tool for increasing views on your YouTube channel. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, this site provides advice and analysis for the development of your YouTube channel. Among its features, for example, is its view boosting tool, which gives you recommendations for keyword, description and title referencing. In short, VidIQ is an AI-assisted site for SEO improvement and monitoring on YouTube.

The Vidiq home page.
Illustration of the VidIQ home page. Source : Alucare.fr.

What are VidIQ's features?

As an SEO tool for YouTube videos, VidIQ offers various analysis tools to help you adopt an effective strategy and set your content apart. Among the site's key attributes, you'll find :

  • His video idea generator : With this tool, the site is able to offer you its advice in terms of video content ideas related to your theme.
Its idea generation option.
Image illustrating its idea generation option. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Its keyword search option : Particularly useful for the SEO of your YouTube videos, this feature enables you to identify the most relevant keywords. VidIQ is also able to advise you on keywords that could offer you new ranking opportunities, or help you beat the competition.
Keyword search tool.
Keyword search tool. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Monitoring the competition : The platform helps you monitor your competitors by detailing their number of views, performance and keywords.
Monitoring the competition.
Snapshot of the competition tracking option. Source: Alucare.fr.
  • AI Consultant : The tool can take care of auditing your Youtube channel, examining all the information and providing recommendations for improving your engagement and positioning.
  • Real-time analysis : By examining the data as it comes in (number of views, likes, comments, etc.), VidIQ is able to provide a performance score for your Youtube channel, keeping you up to date in terms of strategy.
  • Its : Since editing your videos takes up a huge amount of time, the platform's AI makes certain tasks easier, such as creating your thumbnails. Thanks to its predefined templates and advanced editing options, you can easily work on your thumbnails to make them as attractive as possible.
Its thumbnail creation function.
Illustrative image of its miniature creation feature. Source : Alucare.fr.

How do I access VidIQ?

VidIQ can be used in two different ways:

  • Via its online platform
  • Via its Chrome extension

Access the VidIQ platform

Its online platform

To benefit from the service offered by VidIQ via its online platform, please follow the steps below:

  • Log on to the official VidIQ website using the link above.
  • Click on " Sign up for Free "You can register for free using your Gmail.
The registration button.
Screenshot of the registration button. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Once you have registered, the platform will request access to your YouTube account detailswhich you can accept or ignore before getting started.
The VidIQ access request.
Capture of the VidIQ access request. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Then select type of video content you want to work on
Start using the platform.
Platform startup window. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Then select the subject that inspires you most (science popularization, marketing training, product presentation, etc.).
The subject to work on.
Selection of subject to work on. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • In response, you will be redirected to the user page. You'll see a window offering packages, which you can close for the time being.
  • Generally speaking, free use does not entitle you to access only to certain basic functionscontent generation, keyword research and so on. What's more, this little test is fairly limited. For a more in-depth experience, you'll need to subscribe to a paid package.
The VidIQ user page.
Illustration of the VidIQ user page. Source : Alucare.fr.

Chrome extension

VidIQ is also available as a browser extension. To obtain this version, please follow the steps below:

Download from the official website.
Download shot from the official website. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Then select the " install extension
Installing the application.
Capture of the application installation. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Then, add it to your Google Chrome and pin it to access YouTube content.
Application added to Google Chrome.
Capture of the application being added to Google Chrome. Source : Alucare.fr.
  • Once you've launched the extension, you'll be able to take advantage of the basic features, namely the real-time ranking curve, SEO score, tracking of other creators and tags. For additional functions, a subscription is required.
How the VidlQ extension works.
Illustration of how the VidIQ extension works. Source: Alucare.fr.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of VidIQ?

As one of the tools that have already made many YouTube video creators successful, VidIQ offers many advantages. Not only does it enable you to increase your audience, it also helps you stand out from your competitors. But it's not without its shortcomings, so I've listed the essentials on its strengths and weaknesses.

✔️ VidIQ benefits

  • Its analysis tool offers a variety of options for improving your online ranking
  • Chrome extension for easy access
  • Analysis of the keywords used by your competitors takes place in real time, and the tool can alert you to current trends.
  • The platform gives your videos a boost with its smart features

❌ VidIQ disadvantages

  • Its rather high price
  • Alerts on irrelevant topics

What packages (rates) does VidIQ offer?

Although Vidiq doesn't offer you the opportunity to take full advantage of a free trial, the platform does offer two subscriptions to meet the needs of YouTube video creators:

Try the VidIQ platform

Plan Boost

Available for a price of 16.58$/monthThe Boost Plan offers you a 7-day free trial right after you sign up. With this package, you'll benefit from the following features:

  • Video optimization for maximum visibility and quality
  • Tracking the best designers
  • AI coaching and a real-time audit of your chain
  • Unlimited content generation

Coaching Plan

Plan Coaching is recommended for entrepreneurs wishing to benefit from professional support. For a price of 99$/monththe following options are available:

  • A weekly audience with your professional coach
  • A personalized audit of your YouTube channel by your coach
  • Step-by-step support for rapid chain growth
  • An opinion on thumbnails, titles and videos
The packages offered by VidIQ.
Capture of the packages offered by VidIQ. Source ; Alucare.fr.

My review of VidIQ

I find that VidIQ offers a boost to video content and a more controlled experience of your YouTube channel. The platform allows you to create content, access your competitors' data and speed up your production. The many tools available on the site enable more professional creation. However, the tool can be quite complex for beginners, and a learning curve would be necessary. In terms of price, the boost plan is the most attractive for beginners. In short, VidIQ is a platform to try out for a better creative experience!

For your information, since 20/06/2024 I've taken out an annual subscription to use it on my own youtube channel, and we'll see what happens!

When can VidIQ be used?

VidIQ is primarily dedicated to all YouTube video content creators, including :

  • Influencer
  • From Youtubeur
  • Corporate, etc.

VidIQ is a web-based platform for optimizing YouTube video content. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it offers video creators a complete a series of referencing functions. From a content generator to a keyword research tool, VidIQ has everything you need to help video creators. Its analysis and reporting tools will help you accumulate more subscribers, keep up with your competitors and produce quality videos. Also available as a Chrome extension, VidIQ is the subject of numerous positive reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Capterra. Whether you're an influencer or a company, this tool will help you position your videos more effectively, and provide professional assistance in creating new content!

I'm trying out the VidIQ tool!

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