How do I analyze a YouTube account?

YouTube channel managers need to analyze channel performance in order to define content strategies. This is an important feature for better management of your YouTube community and channel. Today, there are a number of tools available for analyzing a YouTube account. In this guide, let's find out how to analyze a YouTube account.

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Analyze your YouTube account with Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma has been designed to analyze and monitor social networks. It supports social network managers in :

  • Improvingfan engagement ; 
  • Analyze a wide reach on YouTube ;
  • Analyze competitors ;
  • Create rdaily intakes with updated data ;
  • Responding to messages, to comments, to user publications quickly and efficiently.

Fanpage Karma allows you to track your profiles and those of your competitors. So you can combining reputation management, the discovering new faces into your marketing strategies. The software allows you to create personalized reports, schedule publications and reply to messages. If you already have a community on YouTube, the offers an AI assistant to assist you in content creation and community management. If you're interested in Fanpage Karma's analysis function, find out more here FanpageKarma rates.

What are Fanpage Karma's features?

Fanpage Karma's main feature is toanalyze an unlimited number of profiles. Then you can present the results in your own design and communicate them in real time. And then.., plan, create and publish your publications. Fanpage Karma can also help you discovering the best influencers. Here are the other features of Fanpage Karma:

Wide-ranging, in-depth information

  • The tool allows you to unlimited profile tracking and those of your competitors
  • He designs individual reports
  • It has a custom metric based on up-to-date data
  • It features dashboard to share with customers.

A tool for community management

  • Its interface is fluid and user-friendly
  • He promotes teamwork thanks to clear structures
  • It has a feedback process andindividual approval
  • The automated workflows according to your needs.

The content planning function

  • Planning YouTube videos
  • Share your content calendar with your team for possible improvements
  • It has a online photo editor and free.

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Image illustration of YouTube analysis with a powerful tool representing FanPage Karma
Illustration of YouTube analysis with a powerful tool representing FanPage Karma. Source :

Why use Fanpage Karma to analyze your YouTube account?

Fanpage Karma offers performance indicators to better analyze your YouTube account. These get precise data showing whether the content shared on its YouTube channel is effective or not.

  • The first performance indicator relies on size and the number of subscribers. Indeed, the creation of a community is important to its evolution.
  • Secondly, the intensity indicator is also a performance indicator. It is defined by: the frequency of publicationas well as activities of the page.
  • Next, the engagement indicator or KPI, which indicates quality of accounts. In other words, the number of times subscribers interact with the page through a message. Engagement shows the number of times a subscriber interacts with your content: views, likes, comments as well as shares.

Why analyze your YouTube account?

The answer is simple! It's crucial to analyze your YouTube account in order to understand the performance of your videos and your chainAnalytics are here to help. They work with key metrics and reports correlated with YouTube Studio.

Have you already used Fanpage Karma? Share your experiences with us in the comments section. You can also take advantage of the discounts offered by the application with the coupon code Fanpage Karma.

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