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Content creator Influencers ? Marketer ? In this case, the tool that we are going to present to you is made for you ! You wish effectively manage your social networks ? You look for an ideal application To do that ? FanPageKarma is our recommendation! Moreover, using a certain promo code, YOU get a discount.

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Description of FanpageKarma

Truth be told, FanpageKarma is an application for analyzing social networks in order to manage them better and spy on competitors afterwards. Fanpage offers regular monitoring of your social network accounts, and keeps records. This tool allows you to track the progress of your account.

For more information, you will find here: Our opinion on FanpageKarma.

This feature is useful to see what works on the account while having a clear idea of how the page will grow and response rates to your publications. The tool also features an export option very practical. Alternatively, the export function allows you to export ready-to-use reports in a format that includes embedded infographics. This will help you make a presentation.

Thanks to FanpageKarma, you can easily see how your social media accounts have grown, and that, using visual infographics. And not only that, the application also allows you to follow, even spy on your competitors. The biggest advantage of FanpageKarma is that it is possible follow current trends.


Get a reduction of 20% or a free month with fanpage

The app offers formulas according to your needs and of your budget. But if you want to save money for the next 6 months, you can use promo code C7EPF4NCA and win a reduction of 20% on the subscription formulas offered by FanpageKarma.

To use promo code C7EPF4NCA :

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But to get to the point, here is the price proposed by Fanpage. In general, the proposed price is €49.9 per month per user. On the other hand, this price is scalable depending on the number of users, of the advanced options, etc.. Here is a small summary of the prices offered by the tool:

  • The standard formula is of €49.90 per user per month;
  • For the professional formula, The price is €99.90 per month per user.


What are the pros and cons of this tool?

FanpageKarma is a tool that supports digital marketers in their strategy. For this, it is important to differentiate the application from the others. For this, discover the benefits and the disadvantages from FanpageKarma:


  • The features offered are worthy of a marketing team, it can also be called: All in One ;
  • The app generates a high quality report ;
  • It offers practical competitive intelligence and intuitive.

The inconvenients

On the contrary, for understand the features of the application, it YOU takes some time to adapt.

To choose a paid application plan:

💸I choose a paid plan from FanpageKarma💸

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