Fanpage Karma prices: how much does it cost?

Fanpage Karma is a tool designed to supporting companies in theanalysis of social networks and competitors. It's a very popular marketing tool at the moment. Indeed, Fanpage Karma is a paid softwarebut it proposes a free 3-month trial version. We'll take a look at Fanpage Karma in this review: services, prices and user reviews.

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Introduction to Fanpage Karma

With the evolution of digital technology, several tools are now available to analyze your Facebook page, including : Fanpage Karma. This tool enables you toimprove your Facebook page. Analysis is possible thanks to various statistics, such as: number of fans, or number of clicks for example. In fact, Fanpage Karma helps you provide information about : frequency of publicationsor the traffic generated by Facebook posts or onother social networks.

This tool helps companies to better manage marketing on social networks. The tool shows users how to attract customers' attention, then how to answer them. At the same time, Fanpage Karma is also responsible for protecting corporate social networks and enablesidentify unexpected behavior that can cause problems.

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Description of Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a tool that allows you toanalyze and of monitor social networks. It helps agencies and social network managers to :

  • Promote a better fan engagement ;
  • Reach a large community on social networks;
  • Do a in-depth competitor analysis ;
  • Create up-to-date reports with up-to-date data ;
  • Easily reply to messages, comments and user publications and quickly thanks to a manual and automatic inbox;

With Fanpage Karma, you can track your own profilesthose of your competitors. You can also getting involved in reputation management and discover new faces, in order to find marketing content ideas. The social network management tool helps you to create customized reports, of plan publications in advance, and respond to messages on all social channels from a single location. What's more, AI assistants will help you create content and manage your community.

Image illustration of FanpageKarma home page

Fanpage Karma home screen

The importance of Fanpage Karma in social media management

First of all, the performance indicators are used to analyze social networks. More precisely, it outputs data showing whether the use of social networks on a web page is effective or notaccording to several criteria. Visit performance indicators are analyzed on Fanpage Karma. For this software, the first performance indicator is in relation to size and number of social media subscribers. It focuses onthe importance of creating a community on a page to make it evolve. Next, theintensity indicator is the second performance indicator. It is defined by :

  • The frequency of publication ;
  • The page activities.

Next, let's look at the engagement indicator. The commitment indicator or KPI indicates the quality of the accounts. The number of times subscribers interact through a message on a page. Indeed, exchanging with your subscribers is important to foster: connection. To be more precise : engagement shows the number of times a fan interacts with a page's posts. This will be calculated as follows: the daily number of likes, comments, shares divided by by number of fans.

Then, overall performance indicator who combines engagement and growth rates in order to obtain an average of the page's performance. In short, Fanpage Karma makes a detailed analysis of your social network statistics, The aim is to produce a precise competitive analysis and social media strategy.

To better analyze the performance of your social networks:

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Feature exploration

Fanpage Karma's main functionality is toanalyze your social network interactions in real time and especially those of your competitors. But let's discover other possibilities offered by the application in this new section.

Main functions

In terms of functionality, Fanpage Karma offers several services, depending on your needs and expectations:


This function is used to export all your data to Excel or PowerPoint or CSV. What's more customizable Powerpoint design. It also makes it possible tosend e-mails automatically and regularly. This feature also allows you toexport complete presentations as well as individual graphics.

The analysis function 

This function enables :

  • ofanalyze an unlimited number of profiles ;
  • Analyze your own profiles and those of your competitors ;
  • You have over 250 figures in hand your choice ;
  • You can also, analyze the content and timing of the day ;
  • You can make a detailed analysis content through keywords.

Custom designs 

With Fanpage Karma, you win :

  • Of the combinable graphic panels from 14 graphics ;
  • A size and selected design;
  • Respect for your logo and your own color codes ;
  • Of the wallpapers and individual tool colors ;
  • The analysis configuration according to selectable key figures.

The alerts function 

To make sure you don't miss a thing, Fanpage Karma :

  • Makes morning reports reminding all important events of the day ;
  • Emet a Shitstorm alert in case of high activity ;
  • Emits a immediate alert when competitor publishes ;
  • Sending regular reports via e-mail.

You too can benefit from Facebook Karma's many features:

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Competitor monitoring and API integration

For API integrations, Fanpage Karma can connect to other tools such as :

  • Facebook ;
  • Or other social networks.

What's more, the tool is in SAAS mode, so it can support almost all operating systems such as : Windows, Mac, OS, mMobile, etc.It is also accessible via a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Fanpage Karma features illustrated:

Image illustration of the Fanpage Karma dashboard
Image taken from internet

How to use Fanpage Karma for step-by-step social media management?

To use Fanpage Karma to manage your social networks, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, go to the official page from Fanpage Karma;
  2. Then you must accept/agree to link your Facebook account to the services from Fanpage Karma ;
  3. Once that's done, you'll receive an invitation to click on the "Select a profile" link again;
  4. You have to select Facebook page to analyze ;
  5. Finally, all you have to do is choosing the design, you can choose background images or not, a email to be inserted. The latter is a default function if the email is for your Facebook account, however, you can always change it.

Once you've completed all these steps, you're ready to go! You're on your way receive a PowerPoint attachment ready for analysis of your page. You will also find :

  • The changes to your page in other words, the number of fans;
  • the number of posts published during the year with the distribution : images, videos, links and status ;
  • the number of videos published and the viewing time of published videos ;
  • the number of page interactions comment, like, etc. ;
  • the number of post views during the year ;
  • the number of fans who interact with the page every day;
  • A top 3 most popular posts, commented and shared.

Video: Here's a video demonstrating how to use Fanpage Karma


Award evaluation

The Fanpage Karma price list includes 5 price plans, notably :

  • The plan free that only lasts 3 monthsand costs 0 $ as its name suggests. However, the free plan offers only one professional social network, including Facebook and 1 single dashboard;

To try it:

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  • The plan Bronze at 69 $ per month ;
  • The plan Silver at 199 $ per month ;
  • The plan Gold at 299 $ ;
  • The plan Platinium at 799 $ per month.

Comparative table of tariffs :

Illustration of the different prices offered by FanPage Karma
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Promo Codes and Discounts

In addition to the payment options offered by the software, there are other ways of benefit from the software and save money in return. As a result, there are promo codes that allows you to save a reduction of 20% on the formula of your choice. You can also read our article on Fanpage Karma promo code: 20 % off or 1 month free for more information.

User reviews

As a popular piece of software on the market at the moment, there's no shortage of feedback from users. The software also has a reputation to uphold:

Customer reviews

There's no shortage of integrated reviews on the internet, especially on sites like Capterra for example. Fanpage Karma received :

  • A overall rating of 4.5 stars ;
  • A note from 4.6 stars on the EASE OF USE ;
  • A note from 4.0 stars on the customer service ;
  • A note from 4.5 stars on the features;
  • A note from 4.1 stars on the value for money.

Each user found advantages and disadvantages in using the software. However, all users put the accent on its performance. Some even classify it as the best analytic tool for social networks.

Alternatives to Fanpage Karma

If Fanpage's features aren't enough for you, we've put together a quick comparative analysis of online alternatives, including :

  • Rival IQ ;
  • Zoho Social ;
  • Hootsuite ;
  • Brandwatch;
  • Meltwater;
  • Facelift ;
  • Bloomreach;
  • Reech Influence Cloud;
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 ;
  • com ;
  • Oktpost;
  • Marketing 360.

And many more besides. But you should know that Fanpage Karma offers even better features.

In-depth analysis of competitors' search and engagement capabilities

In this section, we will a brief comparison of social network engagement tools andother competing tools :

Comparison of social media engagement tools: Fanpage vs. other tools

Fanpage Karma is a works well with other tools, as for example. By the way, if we compare the two tools : 

Karma fan page 

It's a solution leader in social network management:

  • One site cloud-based ;
  • On site.

Here are the assistance options available by Fanpage Karma :

  • E-mail Where other assistance ;
  • A FAQ or Forum ; 
  • The knowledge bases ;
  • A hotline ;
  • The service is available 24/7. is cloud-based Work OS, in which teams create workflow applications in just a few minutes :

  • Still cloud-based ;
  • And on site. 

Here are the assistance options:

  • E-mail and service hotline ;
  • The FAQs and forum ;
  • Knowledge base ;
  • Hotline ;
  • 24/7.

Which Karma fanpage is right for you? To choose one :

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Use of Fanpage Karma for competitor research and analysis

Fanpage Karma is a tool designed for dashboards and the campaign analyses. More specifically, the tool is used to analyze pages and monitor social media and platforms. It is a tool forassistance and technical support online. It is compatible with other software and can be accessed via a web browser.


We've come to the end of the review. Here's a short summary of what was said:

Review summary

Basically, Fanpage Karma is a widely used tool by companies for analyze social networks as well as competitors. It is a tool quite popular with users. In fact, they are quick to comment on the tool's performance. Theyworks well with other tools in the same category and offering almost the same functionality. The price of the software is from 69 $ and scalable according to your needs and expectations.

Use it in your social network analyses:

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