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In the Marvel universe, designed by Stan Lee and Jack KirbyThere are thousands of characters. If 200 characters have already appeared in the films, over 6 000 make up the work. Superheroes sagas avengers, X-menLes Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fantastic 4 bring together the main Marvel characters:

  • Iron Man, Captain America and Thor from The Avengers;
  • Stard-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy;
  • Professor X, Tornado and Wolverine from X-men ;
  • Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing in Fantastic 4, etc.
Marvel character illustrations
Image illustrating the characters in Marvel

Who are the Marvel actors?

When it comes to adapting comic-book works for film, the Marvel universe has called on the services of numerous actors the perfect embodiment of the most famous superheroes. Thanks to meticulous casting, the Marvel studio has always made sure that the actors in the films are visually close to the characters in the comics.

Actors who have thrilled moviegoers include : 

  • Tom Holland he embodies Spiderman since 2016This young actor has given a youthful touch to the Spiderman universe. This young actor gave a youthful touch to the Spider-Man universe.
  • Robert Downey Jr.. played the role of Tony Stark. He is also a pillar of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the franchise Iron Man. In Avenger Endgame, he was one of the highest-paid actors in the Avengers franchise.
  • Scarlett Johansson is one of the longest-serving and most beautiful actresses in the MCU. She first appeared in Iron Man 2 in 2010. Its success reached its peak, despite the pandemic, with the film Black Widowin which she plays Natasha Romanoff.
  • Chris Hemsworth: with his charm, he won over the audience when he played the role of Thor. Such is his success that he is now one of the most popular characters. He appeared in the Avengers saga and was a big hit in the latest film, Thor: Love & Thunder.

While these actors are well known, they are not the only ones to have taken part in the many film adaptations of Marvel works. They include Hugh Jackman, Chris Pratt, Jessica Alban etc., in the various Marvel sagas.

Marvel characters in pictures
Marvel's main characters

Who are the members of the Avengers?

The films avengers are certainly the most successful films of the MCU lately. The franchise brings together a host of superheroes from different comic-book backgrounds, offering a broader, more action-packed scenario in keeping with the comics from which it drew its inspiration.

But who are these famous members of the Avengers? It all starts with the the pillars of franchising. The Avengers team was originally made up of :

  • Tony Starck (Iron Man);
  • Hulk;
  • Thor ;
  • Captain America;
  • Hawkeye and 
  • Black widow.

As the the evolution of the sagaother members joined the Avengers, namely : 

  • Vision ;
  • The Red Witch;
  • Quicksilver ;
  • Ant-Man and
  • Star Lord and his Guardians of the Galaxy team.

But in its third and most complete phase, other superheroes joined the Defenders of the Universe to form thefinal battalion. In the ranks are :

  • Spiderman;
  • Doctor Strange;
  • The Wasp; 
  • Captain Marvel and 
  • Black Panther.

The colossal teamwork of these superheroes marked the end of the saga with Avengers EndGamewhere the quest for the Infinity Stones has become a common cause. The involvement of the various members has resulted in action-packed scenarios, sure to delight MCU fans and comic book enthusiasts alike.

The Marvel Universe and the Avengers members in pictures
Avengers members featured in Marvel

What's the main Marvel character?

Although the Marvel universe encompasses a multitude of characters, the role of the main character differs from franchise to franchise. In fact, most superheroes have already played the role of main character in their own films. These include Black Widow, Ant-Man, Iron Man and many others. Incidentally, the latter was head of the Avengers, later succeeded by Captain Marvel.

But some characters have gained in popularity lately. With the cinematic successes of the Marvel universe, three characters have become emblematic and share the top spot among the main characters. They are : 

  • Spiderman;
  • Thor and
  • Iron Man.

The characters designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have been meticulously designed to make them endearing in the public eye. The humor, complicated relationships and foibles of human nature allow fans to identify with them and become immersed in them. Defining the main Marvel character is thus inconceivable, as each comic book and each film highlights the character concerned.

Stay tuned for new Marvel updates. If you're interested in other films in the same genre, find out what the DC Comics have in store for you.

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