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The webtoons originated in South Korea, but their expansion has attracted many other countries. Today, France, America and many other countries produce webtoons. Although they don't dethrone traditional comics, they do allow the public to read a work via a web browser. computer or one smartphone.

Many webtoons have enjoyed great success, and some have even been adapted into TV series. Such is the case of A Business Proposalalso known as The office blind date. It's a manhwa bathed in a romantic theme that was later adapted for Netflix.

The webtoon is the work of Haewha and Narak who is the illustrator. A Business Proposal was first released in 2018. The webtoon ended after 124 chapters. The story begins with Ha Riwho has no idea of the adventure that awaits her. The young woman has accepted a favor from her friend to go on a blind date. Ha Ri must go in her friend's place to scare off the suitor. But there's a problem.

When Ha Ri arrives for her appointment, she realizes that the man in question is actually Kang Tae Muhis boss. At the office, hiding her identity becomes a never-ending ordeal. The situation gets worse when Kang Tae Mu asks her to marry him without explanation. How will she cope?

Who are the characters in A Business Proposal?

Image illustrating Ha Ri
Photo illustrating Ha Ri in A Business Proposal. Source : Alucare.fr.


A complete Business Proposal the list of the best romance webtoon. It offers a love story in a big company. The webtoon presents : 

  • Sin Ha Ri the main protagonist. She's shy and lying is far from her strong point;
  • Kang Tae Mu He's the manager of the company where Ha Ri works and who will later propose to her. Serious and impartial, he will do anything to please Ha Ri;
  • Cha Seong Hun Kang Tae Mu's secretary;
  • Jin Young Seo Ha Ri: A wealthy heiress and only daughter of the president of Marine Group. She is Ha Ri's best friend.

Where to watch the Webtoon A Business Proposal?

Photo of Kang Tae Mu in A Business Proposal
Shot of Kang Tae Mu in A Business Proposal. Source : Alucare.fr.


If you want watch the Webtoon A Business Proposal adapted into a seriesyou can find it on netflix   . It has already been broadcast on SBS TV in 2022. On the other hand, if you want to watch the basic digital version, you can choose between these webtoon sites: 

  • Tapas ;
  • Mangakawaii Where
  • Crunchyscan.

Where to read A Business Proposal?

On Tapasyou will be entitled to 5 free episodes in English. To read the rest, you need to register on the platform, then choose the subscription that suits you best. On other sites, such as Mangakawaii Where Crunchyscanyou can read all the chapters of the webtoon A Business Proposal.

On the other hand, if you prefer the bookHe'll be here soon. A Business Proposal Volume 1 in French will be available from February 15, 2024. You can pre-order today at :

  • Original Comics at a price of 14,95 euros ;
  • Amazon.fr at a price of 15.95 euros.

Where can I read scans of A Business Proposal in French for free?

Ha Ri in A Business Proposal
Photo featuring Ha Ri in A Business Proposal. Source : Alucare.fr.


Waiting too long for Volume 1? Don't panic, you can also read scans of A Business Proposal in French for free on Internet. On CrunchyscanAll episodes are in French, and the service is free. To read your scans in peace, remember to use an ad blocker.

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