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The world of webtoon has grown steadily since its creation. Originally from South KoreaThese digital comics have become a worldwide concept. Many countries, including Francetoday produce. Different genres stand out: action, science fiction, romance and even isekay webtoons. Webtoons the most popular in the romance category currently count millions of views on the Internet.

Serena is one of them, along with 27.5 million views on It tells the story of a love triangle. Jeong Yi Na is the author and illustrator. The original version was released in 2022 in South Koreabut the VF only appeared in 2023. The webtoon is still in progress and currently has 60 chapters in English and 3 episodes in French.

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Murachevia at the end of the XIXᵉ century. Serena is the sole heiress to the Serenity Hotel. Proud and stubborn, Selena married a wealthy but extremely strict young man, named Eiser. When her husband is away on business, Serena finds solace in the arms of her lover. Frederikwhich she treats as she pleases. A love triangle is formed where love and hate intertwine!

Who are the characters in Serena?

photo of Serena the protagonist
Photo featuring Serena. Source :


Based on a love story, you'll find many characters in the webtoon Serena. Among them are : 

  • Serena The 20-year-old at the heart of the story. Despite her beauty, she is a scornful, stubborn woman;
  • Eiser Eiser: Serena's 27-year-old husband. Eiser is a hard man, and nobody likes him because of his bad temper;
  • Frederik Serena's lover. He's 25 years old and totally submissive to Serena's will;
  • Sui Serena's lady-in-waiting. She is 28 years old and is also the governess at Serenity Manor.

Where can I watch the Webtoon Serena?

You can watch the webtoon Serena on Where scan-manga lets you watch the first two episodes with prologue, while scan-manga offers only the first chapter and prologue. These sites will put you in the context of the story to discover the origin of this love triangle.

Where to read Serena?

Shot of Siu in Serena
Photograph of Siu, the manor house housekeeper of Serenity. Source :


After reading the beginning of Serena's story, do you want to know what happens next? currently has only two episodes in French; the continuation of the series in French is still in progress. The same applies to scan-manga. However, if you'd like to read the rest in Englishyou can find it on The site offers 60 chapters already published.

Where can I read Serena's scans in French for free?

Photo of Eiser in Serena
Image featuring Serena's husband Eiser. Source :


Webtoon Selena is totally free on webtoons.comin English and French. If you don't want to miss out on the rest of the story, it's a good idea to register on the. Scan-Manga also offers a free service for reading Serena, but we'll have to wait for the webtoon's new French-language publications to follow this captivating story.

The world of the webtoon always offers scenarios that go beyond your expectations. To expand your virtual library, discover also the best stock webtoons.

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