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The webtoons are Korean comics on line also known as Manhwa (similar to Japanese Manga). They come in all genres: romance, fantasy, action and many more.

Action webtoons are dynamic stories that offer the perfect fusion of emotion, combat and captivating intrigue. Each work takes you on a unique journey, offering an immersive experience with original characters and unexpected twists and turns.

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N°1 - White Blood

White Blood is a novel created by Lim Li Na, who is the author, screenwriter and illustrator. This Manwa was published in 2020 and includes 92 chapters. Whether you're an enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Webtoons, we invite you to an adventure where action meets magic.

White Blood in action
Image depicting the heroine of White Blood

The story unfolds with Park Hayana pure-blooded vampire with a tender heart. She wants a life of peace with humans. But to make matters worse, humans consider vampires to be demonic beings. 

As the number of vampire murders increases, so does human hatred for these evil beings. Park Hayan must put an end to the crimes committed by members of his species, in order to realize his dream of living in a world of peace between vampires and humans.

N°2 - Lovers of the Black Dragon

Les amants du Dragon Noir is a webtoon that immerses the viewer in a theme of romance, ofstock and of mafia. With 96 chapters of romantic intrigue and mafia challenges, this series is a treat for fans of complex romance.

Illustration of the webtoon Les amants du Dragon
Image of Pyeong-An in Lovers of the Dragon

Imagined by July Archive in 2018, this surprising tale tells the story of Pyeong-An. She works in a prestigious art gallery in Shanghai, where she meets a powerful and mysterious man. 

At first, she takes him for a simple employee, but the reality is quite different. He's the highest-ranking official in her hierarchy and a fearsome triad boss in the Chinese mafia. Apparently attracted to her, the man doesn't reveal his identity. But until when?

The story blends business, gang fights and lovewhich seems uncertain in the midst of a series of violent incidents. July ARCHIVEthe author, created this webtoon in 2018. The drawings are by KIDARI Studio. Lovers of the Black Dragon is divided into 96 chapters.

N°3 - Nan Yak

Nan Yak is a Webtoon that transcends the boundaries between the real and the supernatural. It promises emotional plunge into darkness. Directed in 2019, this Manhwa is a work by Jeon Keul Jin illustrated by Park Jin Hwan. This webtoon includes 107 chapters.

A mystical encounter in Nan Yak
Yang Jae Shin meets the fortune-teller in Nan Yak

The story begins with Yang Jae Shin, whose life is turned upside down by a mystical encounter with a fortune-teller. After this encounter, he decides to move to Nan Yak.

On the spot, the prophecy triggers a series of events that reveal a world where the boundary between reality and the unknown is becoming increasingly blurred. Indeed, Yang Jae Shin begins to see Yogoe. They are animal-like ghosts that can take on a human appearance. 

The latter are said to be the cause of misfortunes and even disappearances. Yang Jae Shin begins to see strange apparitions, some of them very brutal. These events lead him to meet a woman in the grip of supernatural forces. Jae Shin sets out to discover this foretold future.

N°4 - Doom Breaker

Written by Cheongdam, the webtoon Doom Breaker plunges you into a fantasy world full of action. With elves, demons and monsters, this Manhwa is packed with extraordinary scenes.

Image of Zephyr in action in Doom Breaker
Zephyr in Doom Breaker

The story begins in a world destroyed by war. The demon god Tartaros reduced the human world to ashes and Zephyr is the only survivor. This war, considered entertaining by the gods, has given them an idea: give Zephyr a second chance. He is taken back ten years to make up for his mistakes.

Time travel, Zephyrthe hero of our story, discovers a world where gods and demons fight a merciless battle. His quest for vengeance and redemption transforms him into a character of epic proportions.

Since its release in 2021, this manhwa has had 66 chapters in French and 81 chapters in English. It's a captivating tale that awakens in us deep emotionsThe sequel is still in the works and eagerly awaited by readers.

N°5 - The God Of High School

We close our selection with this manhwa created by Yongje Park. Published as a webtoon on the Naver platformThe God of High School conquered readers around the world from April 2011 to December 2022. Its official English translation by Line Webtoon has been available since July 2014.

Image of the three young people in The God Of High School
The God Of High School heroes in pictures

The story begins with three young people who have their own goals: 

  • Mori Jin17, taekwondo expert;
  • Mira Yu-Ssi, swordsman;
  • Daewi Han, teenager mastering karate. 

Mori Jin is ready to give his all to become the strongest. One day, a group of judges appears and invites the youngsters to take part in a tournament called The God Of High School. The judges promise to grant the winner's wish, whoever it may be. The three young people set off on an adventure, forging friendships while facing tough opponents.

This Manhaw has 570 chapters and the French version is currently only at 475 chapters. The rest of the story in the French version is still in the works.

You can find these fascinating stories on best Webtoon sites. Which story would you like to start this wonderful adventure with?

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