Why can Captain America wear Thor's hammer?

Thor and Captain America are two mythical characters from the comic strips of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They are part of the main Marvel characters. In fact, in the universe of the MCU films, seven films feature these two superheroes. Thor was treated to a series of 4 filmswhile Captain America had some 3the last of which will be released in 2024.

Why can Captain America take Thor's hammer?

You may have been surprised by the scene in Avengers Endgame where Captain America was able to pick up Mjöllnir and use it. Yet no one else has been able to lift it before. Captain America's ability to use Thor's hammer has already been illustrated in the comics. The reason for this ability is explained in greater detail. 

Image of Captain America holding Thor's hammer
Illustration of Captain America with Mjöllnir in his hand. Source : Alucare.fr.


In the comics, Odin, Thor's father, declares that hisnly worthy can hold the hammer and whoever is able to do so will receive the power of Thor. Steve Rogers was among those worthy of carrying the gavel. But the criteria don't stop there. A pure heart was also a condition for preventing Mjöllnir from falling into the wrong hands, and Captain America proved this when he declared he was no longer a member of Hydra.

Another reason is told in the film Avengers Endgame. Thor confesses to Captain America that the hammer was also for a warrior to be on the front line against anything that might endanger the world. And that's exactly what happened in Avengers Endgame. Thanos was the Ultimate Danger and Captain America grabbed the hammer to take him on. Surprised, Thor smiles broadly when the hammer chooses Steve Rogers as the lucky winner.

Who can lift Thor's hammer?

Whether Steve Rogers is worthy of Thor's hammer in Avengers EndgameBut he's not the only character to have lifted Mjöllnir in the Marvel universe. The comics show that many characters have been able to lift the hammer. This long list includes : 

  • Odinwho was his tamer before Thor, and the man who enchanted him;
  • BorOdin's father resurrected in Thor #600 in 2009 ;
  • Beta Ray Billwhich first appeared in 1983 in The Mighty Thor #337 ;
  • Visionwho appears in Avengers: Age of Ultron, returning Thor's hammer in an anecdotal scene;
  • Volstaggwho has always been Thor's ally. This is illustrated in The Mighty Thor #20 of 2012 ;
  • Loki When he decided to join forces for a good cause, he became a worthy gavel-bearer for the events of the Axis in 2014where he was one of the Astonishing Avengers ;
  • Wonder Womanfrom the saga Amalgam in which DC and Marvel joined forces on a project in the 90. The latter used the hammer in Marvel vs. DC #2 of 1996 ;
  • Super Manwhich brought him to JLA/Avengers #4 of 2004 ;
  • Magnetowho has cheated a little by manipulating metals and magnetic fields. This sequence appears in The Ultimates 3 #5 of 2005
  • Eric Masterson known as ThunderStrikeThor's alter ego, who appeared in The Mighty Thor #432 of 1991 ;
  • The Last Android in She-Hulk #14 of 1990 ;
  • the Red Hulk also succeeded in bringing Mjöllnir to Hulk #5 of 2008 ;
  • Jane Fosterwhich has been well described in Thor: Love & Thunder.
Photo of superheroes who have already worn Thor's hammer.
Image of superheroes who have already used Mjöllnir. Source : Alucare.fr.


That said, the Marvel Universe brings together several films in which other characters are able to lift Thor's hammer. To help you decide where to start, we've put together a guide to theorder to watch Marvel.

Although this list already seems long enough, lesser-known characters such as Darco Ktor and Air-Walker also used the famous hammer. In the What if... ?where the stories take place in other universes, you can also contemplate other characters worthy of Mjöllnir :

  • Black Widow;
  • Malicia;
  • Conan;
  • Deadpool;
  • Ragnarok, etc.

How to wear Thor's hammer

Before inspiring comic strips, the Thor's hammer originates from the Nordic mythology. It symbolizes protecting the universe against the forces of chaos and is considered the most powerful weapon. It is carried in the hand of the God of Thunder to fight the giants, the gods' worst enemies. Film and comics have also drawn heavily on this mythology. In these works, Thor can be seen twirling his hammer to strike or leap through the air.

Image showing Jane Foster with Mjöllnir and Thor's hammer pendant.
Representation of Mjöllnir with Jane Foster and a Viking pendant. Source : Alucare.fr.


Thor's hammer was also worn as a pendant in the age of vikings. This practice was above all a symbol of faith in the Germanic gods. Today, this type of pendant can still be found in some circles, the hammer being worn as an instrument of blessing and consecration.

How powerful is Thor's hammer?

In comics, movies and Norse mythology, Thor's hammer is endowed with many powers. The most striking, when you look at it in the Avengers films, is its ability to boomerang. Once thrown by Thor, the hammer automatically returns to him. Mjöllnir also enables him to handling lightning at will. Mixed with lightning, the hammer's physical blows can be multiplied tenfold, causing electrical discharges in the surrounding area. 

But that's not its only power. According to Norse mythology, the hammer enabled Thor to launch tornadoes or even to make shake the earth. Mjöllnir could also be used as a moans of transport from one dimension to another. These numerous powers make Mjöllnir one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe. Its properties greatly inspired Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to depict Thor in their comics.

Thor wasn't the only one worthy of carrying Mjölnir, though, having accomplished numerous feats with his hammer. Captain America and other characters worthy of lifting it were also able to use it. Will other heroes complete this list in future films? Stay tuned for upcoming Marvel movies.

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