How to watch X-Men The Beginning streaming VOSTFR?

X-Men The Beginning is one of the 13 films in the X-Men saga. To help you find your way around, we've put together a guide to the order in which the films are shown. watch the X-Men. X-Men The Beginning is the work of director Matthew Vaughn inspired by Marvel Comics. Released in 2011This film takes you back to a world where the main characters are mutants endowed with various superpowers.

The film was co-produced by several major studios, including 20th Century Fox, Dune Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment and many others. This is the story that precedes X-Men Apocalypse. The film reveals the origins of the X-Men. At the very beginning, Charles Xavier (later Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (later Magneto) are just two young men beginning to discover their powers.

They work side by side to prevent Armageddon. It's during their journey that their ideologies diverge and become a conflict that will lead to a war between Charles Xavier's X-men and Magneto's Brotherhood. With a story full of spectacular twists and turns, X-Men The Beginning is a film not to be missed. But where to see it in VOSTFR streaming? Find out in the following lines.

Where to watch X-Men The Beginning

If you missed the theatrical release of X-men The Beginning or if you simply prefer to watch a movie at home, there are several streaming platforms to choose from. Although at first sight they require a good Internet connection, the best platforms adopt a pay service in order to offer quality content. Among the best-known are 

  • Amazon Prime;
  • Apple TV; 
  • YouTube and ;
  • netflix   

But which of these platforms offers X-Men The Beginning? Let's find out together to make your search easier!

X-Men The Beginning on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers X-Men The Beginning in his repertoire. On the other hand, like most streaming sites, Amazon Prime can sometimes block certain content or even its services depending on the country.

If you're subject to this restriction, you'll need to be resourceful to access the platform's entire catalog. Here's how, you need a VPN like NordVPN. This allows you to change the server location discreetly. So you can access Amazon Prime services wherever you are in the world.

Photo of Charles Xavier in X-Men The Beginning.
Photo of Charles Xavier in X-Men the Beginning, available on Amazon Prime. Source :


To watch X-Men The Beginning, Amazon Prime offers :

  • A rental in 3.99 euros
  • And a purchase from 9.99 euros.

If you rent the film, you can watch it in VOSTFR for over 48 hours from the first viewing, and for 30 days. If you buy it, you can watch it for an unlimited time on the Amazon Prime app.

X-Men The Beginning on Apple TV

Apple TV is also a well-known streaming platform. It offers a vast catalog of films and TV series. X-Men The Beginning is one of them

Like Amazon Prime, Apple TV offers :

  • A rental in 3.99 euros
  • A purchase at 9.99 euros.

X-Men The Beginning on YouTube 

Youtube is a platform with a thousand facets. It offers an online service for hosting and broadcasting streaming videos. In fact, it's one of the most popular streaming platforms. X-Men The Beginning is available at

Cliché of Mystique in X-Men The Beginning.
Photo illustrating Mystique in the X-Men film. Source :


To watch this film, YouTube offers :

  • A rental in 3.99 euros
  • And a purchase from 9.99 euros.

However, the site can sometimes offer different rates, depending on the quality of the resolution chosen. As a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can watch X-Men The Beginning ad-free in the "Movies & TV" section. If you have a YouTube Premium family subscription, you can stream it on two devices at once.

X-Men The Beginning on Netflix

netflix    is a streaming platform that has rapidly established itself on the market, and currently offers thousands of titles. But despite its long list, Netflix is not able to offer every film in existence. You won't find X-Men The Beginning in its catalog.

Netflix does not have broadcasting rights of all X-Men films. As a reminder, the X-Men films are owned by the Marvel studio, which is currently a subsidiary of Walt Disney. But Uncle Walt's company hasn't stopped there, as 20th Century Fox has also been acquired by Disney, giving it a stranglehold on the rights. Either Disney deprives Netflix of the rights, or Netflix simply chooses not to ask Disney for them.

When is X-men The Beginning?

The story of X-men The Beginning takes place long before the events of X-men Apocalypse. The film takes us back to the '60s. The costumes are very similar to those illustrated in the original comics, adding a touch of nostalgia.

Scene from X-Men The Beginning
Image of a scene of U.S. military leaders during the Cold War, in X-Men The Beginning. Source :


The story unfolds in the midst of the cold warmaking the plot even more interesting. The mixture with historical facts lends a touch of reality to the work. Shaw, the film's antagonist, wants to start World War III with nuclear missiles, a scenario taken very seriously at the time. X-Men The Beginning blends reality with fiction, making it one of the most popular X-Men films of all time.

Are you ready to travel back in time and discover the beginning of the adventures of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr? Choose between Amazon Prime, Apple TV and YouTube to watch X-Men The Beginning streaming VOSTFR. If you'd like to watch other films or series, check out our article on how to find Le Flambeau, les aventuriers de Chupacabra streaming.

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