How to watch X-Men in streaming VOSTFR?

If the avengers are well known to the general public, the X-men are not to be outdone. The X-men films have also been a great success. Originally a series of films adapted from the comic books published by Marvel Comicswhose creators are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The franchise began in the 2000s with the film X-men from the director and screenwriter Bryan Singer. The film is a success.

Two sequels followed: X-men 2 in 2003 and 2006's "X-men: The Final Confrontation". After a break of several years, the mutant film series returns in 2011 with "X-men: The Beginningdirected by Matthew Vaughn. It will be followed by three other works, concluding with "X-men: Dark Phoenix from the director Simon Kinberg in 2019.

But the mutant universe doesn't stop there: the X-men have also given birth to numerous spin-offs and films derivativeslike the film series Wolverine, Dead Pool and The New Mutants, this last was released in 2020. With so many films being released, it can be hard to keep track. To help you, we've put together order to watch the X-men.

The X-men films revolve around the team of mutants assembled by Professor Xavier, a powerful telepath. Their mission is to save Earth from the evil quest of other mutants determined to reign supreme. So, which platform should you watch X-men on? We've listed a few streaming platforms so you can enjoy this Marvel work from the comfort of your sofa.

Where to watch X-Men movies?

In addition to cinemas, watching a film on the Internet has also become a trend. Thanks to the Internet, you can watch your favorite movies at home, on public transport, in a restaurant... That's what the streaming sites. While some offer free services, the best-known ones charge a fee to guarantee a quality experience. What's certain is that not all of them offer X-Men in their catalog. Let's take a closer look at the platforms for watching X-men movies and the options they offer.

X-Men on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a catalog of both original productions and content for which broadcast rights have been purchased from other studios. There's something for everyone: comedies, fantasy, dramas, thrillers, science fiction... X-men is one of them.

To watch X-men, AmazonPrime Video proposes :

  • Rental at 3.99 euros
  • And a purchase at 9.99 euros.

With these rates, you can sit back and enjoy the highest quality of 4K movie. Note that in the case of X-men, a subscription does not allow you to watch it.

Still from the X-men movie available on Prime Video
Image illustrating the X-men movie available on Amazon Prime Video. Source :


Thanks to the dedicated app on smartphones and tablets, you can watch the X-Men movie streaming VOSTFR wherever you go. If you prefer to use a computer, a web browser version is also available. If these two options don't suit you, you can choose between :

  • A connected TV ;
  • TV boxes ;
  • Operator boxes.

In short, Amazon Prime Video is available on most Internet-connected devices with a screen. Solo, with family or friends, immerse yourself in the adventures of mutants and humans with this streaming platform.

X-Men on Netflix

Netflix allows its subscribers to watch series and films on a device connected to the Internet. Depending on the offer you choose, you can also watch them offline by downloading them to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 device.

Although netflix    has an extensive repertoire of over 4,300 films, X-Men is not available on the platform. Even if you use a VPN, you won't find them on the site. The reason has to do with broadcasting rights. Either Netflix didn't obtain this right, or it didn't ask for it of its own accord. However, the platform can offer you other works of science fiction that may arouse your curiosity.

Photo representing X-men not available on Netflix
Representative image from the X-men movie, not listed on Netflix. Source :

X-Men on Apple TV

Apple TV offers X-Men films in its catalog. Like Amazon Prime Video, the film is available :

  • In rental for 3.99 euros
  • Or to purchase for 9.99 euros.

If renting only lets you watch for a certain period of time, buying gives you the chance to own a copy. In either case, you'll be able to watch 4K movies.

X-Men on Youtube

Youtube is also a streaming platform for X-men films. On the other hand, the platform is quite strict when it comes to geographical restrictions. Viewing, rental and purchase services are not available in certain countries. So you'll need a VPN like NordVPN to bypass this protocol.

As on the other platforms already mentioned, to watch X-men, YouTube offers :

  • Rental at 3.99 euros
  • Or purchase for 9.99 euros.

Several prices are available for this film, depending on resolution. Note that HD and UHD titles can only be played back on certain compatible devices and at certain Internet speeds.

On Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or YouTube, don't miss the chance to see the VOSTFR highlights of the X-Men movie in full streaming. Which of these platforms do you prefer?

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