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The webtoons are digital comics of Korean origin, also known as Manhwa in digital form. The special feature of webtoons is that they are published on the Internet in a short format and vertical. This makes them easy to read, especially on public transport.

Webtoon genres range from fantasy to isekay, horror, action, fiction, romance and more. The 5 best webtoons offer you epic and moving scenarios.

Currently, the market for these digital comics is booming, encouraging amateurs to create their own webtoon. When well crafted, they can accumulate millions of views, allowing art to become a profession in its own right. Want to become one? Then take a seat, as we give you tips on how to become a webtoon creator!

Which application to use to make a webtoon?

Would you like to start creating a webtoon on an application? Tapas and Mid Journey are well-known platforms, but Webtoon Canvas is the most reliable way to create your first Webtoon. The service is completely free on the platform. But how does it work?

Webtoon application
Illustration of WEBTOON Canvas, the useful application for creating a webtoon. Source :


Webtoon Canvas lets you create your own creator account via a registration procedure. There are six steps to creating your webtoon on the platform: 

  • Registration ;
  • Choice of genre ;
  • Choice of webtoon title ;
  • Placing stickers ;
  • Add a summary of your series and 
  • Publication of your first episode.

Webtoon Canvas offers tutorial videos to help you perfect your creation. Some of the world's greatest webtoons have emerged from this application, making it ideal for starting out as a creator and gradually attracting a wider audience to appreciate your work.

Where to draw a webtoon?

Unlike traditional comic strips, webtoons are at the heart of the story. digital format. To create one, you will need drawing toolstext, layout and publishing. You can start with Clip Studio Paint to create your first work of art.

Clip Studio Paint, the drawing tool for webtoon.
Photo showing the interface of Clip Studio Paint, the useful drawing tool for creating a webtoon. Source :


The features of this application give you everything you need to create a quality webtoon. It's a time-saving tool, as it offers an easy-to-use a host of options such as : 

  • Brushes of all sizes ;
  • Thousands of predefined materials ;
  • Drawing assistants ;
  • Advanced colorization functions, etc.

Clip Studio Paint allows you to draw action scenes, as in them best Webtoon action. However, this drawing tool is not entirely free to use. While the free version allows you to use Clip Studio Paint for a certain period, not to exceed 30 days.

Whether you use Windows or Mac, you can subscribe to a subscription Where to buy a single license to make sure you get the most out of the tool. Clip Studio Paint can be used free of charge. 1 hour per day forandroid or iOS.

On the other hand, if If you'd like to delegate this task, you can. Visit call for freelance designers or mangakas to illustrate your story.

How to make money with a webtoon?

Becoming a webtoon creator can transform your passion for digital comics in one profession profitable. Nowadays, the most famous artists in this field have the chance to earn six-figure salaries in dollars Where in euros per year. This is equivalent to thousands of euros per month.

But to make enough money with webtoons, your work must be : 

  • Quite popular;
  • Read by thousands, if not millions of readers;
  • Sponsored or in partnership ;
  • Profitable thanks to advertising revenues, etc.

The challenges facing webtoon creators

Webtoon creators face many challenges. They must work for hours on end before tasting success. On this long road, they do everything to put luck on their side.

To ensure the success of your webtoon and earn money from your digital work, here are a few tips: 

  • Make sure your history is perfectly consistentespecially when you update it;
  • Be a good listener of your readers and take an interest in their comments;
  • Assert your own stylewhether in terms of design, scenario or theme;
  • Create a community where you can chat with your readers;
  • Insist on the promotion of your work by publishing it on social networks or other marketing channels.
Illustration of the hard work of a webtoon creator
Image showing the hard work of a webtoon creator. Source :


Monetizing a webtoon

When your webtoon is gaining in popularity, it's time to think about how you'll be remunerated. This may vary from one platform to another, but popular creators often choose the option of encouraging their readers to subscribe. But that's not the only way. You can also look for sponsorship, of the partnerships or one financial support from your readers or your public faithful. 

In fact, you can also rely on a AI service to ensure higher earnings. Such is the case with Mid Journey. AI is used to generate suggestions for contents or of products your audience's interest.

What is the format of a webtoon?

To make your webtoon attractive and readable, the format is one of the conditions to be taken into account. As webtoon are often read vertically on a smartphone as well as on a PC, we recommend you use a small format. The standard size is 800x1280px. Creative tools already offer this format in their settings. However, it is possible to work on longer canvases.

the text must also be easy to read, whether on a smartphone or a computer. For standard text, designers generally use a font between 12px and 30px.

You'll also need to find a balance between the size of the dialogue and its proportion to the rest of the elements on screen: thoughts, onomatopoeia and sounds of all kinds. To properly illustrate your work, you must adjust your images and your bubbles to naturally attract the reader's eye and avoid cluttering certain spaces that need to be used.

Are you ready to take the plunge and create your first webtoon? For inspiration, take a look at the best webtoon sites to read the best-known stories.

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