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Webtoon is a site that hosts many different kinds of stories. There's something for everyone, from webtoons romances to action Webtoons, etc. finding stories that suit you shouldn't be difficult. And what's more, most of the content available is free, and you can unlock more with coins. What's more, Webtoon features a function for obtaining free coins by exchanging codes.

To find out which Webtoon coupon codes are currently available, please refer to this article!

Image illustrating the Webtoon promo code currently in use
Image illustrating the Webtoon promo code currently available

What coupon codes are available in February 2024?

At the moment, only 1 coupon code is available on Webtoon :


Important note: 

The code cannot be used only once and is no longer valid thereafter. However, in the event of new publications, our page will be sure to inform you of any new codes available. Remember to bookmark our page (CTRL + D ). News will come in the event of updated !

Which codes have expired?

These codes are no longer functional for the month of February 2024:

  • CIMON99
  • A48J1I
  • OE7KQB

How do I use these Webtoon promotional codes?

To use them, first go to the parts store. Then follow these steps:

  1. Start theapplication Webtoon
  2. Then click on Coin Shop
  3. Once there, click on the promotional code
  4. Next, copy the above code, and paste on the text box
  5. Click on Apply to receive rewards directly to your account.

However, please note that you must first create your Webtoon account in order to be able to follow the above-mentioned steps.

Have you ever tried to get your corners back on Webtoon? Share your experience with us in comments! You may also be interested in this article Alchimia web coupon codes.

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