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Webtoon romance is the equivalent of Japanese mangabut with more accomplished scripts aimed at a more mature audience. In France, this unique form of online Korean comics is gaining in popularity, catalyzed by the success of Korean series on Netflix, like All of Us are Dead. Explore our list of the best romance Webtoons.

No.1: What Love Looks Like

Here's a Chinese webtoon that has captured hearts since its creation in 2019 by talented artist LU Bian Zhang San. Drawn by the author, it has 94 chapters.

Chi Cheng and Lu Yang in What Love Looks Like
The two main characters in What Love Looks Like

Lu Yanga devoted young actress, sacrifices love for her career in order to pursue her dreams, without reaping the rewards of all her efforts. On the other hand, Chi Cheng, a talented but reclusive actor, aspires to reach the heights of the film industry. Their paths cross in an initial atmosphere of rivalry, but over time an unlikely alliance is formed.

N°-2 : The Dragon King's Bride

Created by Soy Media, Team Cappuccino and Kanghee Jamae, this Webtoon romance plunges you into a tale where mystery, passion and fantastical elements intertwine to create a unforgettable reading experience.

Lucina and the king of the barbarians in The Dragon King's Bride
Image showing Lucina with the king of the barbarians in The Dragon King's Bride

The Dragon King's Bride is set in a fantasy world where Lucina, the illegitimate child of Baron Berg, endures a life of suffering and cruelty. At twenty, her life takes an extraordinary turn when the king of the barbarians mysteriously abducts her, intending to make her his wife. Read it on Webtoons, one of the world's leading best sites manhwa published online, with over 30 chapters available.

N°-3 : The remarried empress

This manhwa, also known under the title Queen Remarriedoffers an immersive experience across its 162 chapters. Alpha Tartthe creative mind behind this complex story, has captivated readers with a tale set in a world tinged with mystery and intrigue.


Navier is Empress of the Eastern Empire. Her ideal world collapses when the Emperor introduces Rashta, a former slave, as his concubine. The situation worsens when the Emperor promises Rashta the position of Empress. Faced with this betrayal, Navier sees only one way out: divorce.

N°-4 : Angelic Lady

This manhwa stands out for its ability to skilfully blend fantastical elements with moral dilemmas, offering an experience rich in twists and emotions. The author Susu and talented illustrator Waffle Fu have collaborated to bring this saga to life, which currently has 160 chapters.

Image by Angelic Lady
Jayna and Angela in Angelic Lady

Jayna experiences a friendship that suddenly turns into a devastating betrayal, resulting in the destruction of her family and the loss of her honor. Having uncovered the deep roots of Angela's hatred since their first meeting, Jayna is now out for revenge.

N°-5 : The RUNWAY

Hirachell and Nokdu are behind the literary success The RUNWAY. This captivating Webtoon romance was published in 2023 and you can read all 112 chapters for free on Webtoons. It proposes :

  • A cleverly scripted debut;
  • Elegant graphics ;
  • Sparkling main characters.
Yoo Jian and his new boss in The runway
The two main characters in The runway

The RUNWAY transports readers into the whirlwind life of Yoo Jiana renowned fashion editor. After an impulsive decision to move to France following her boyfriend's infidelity, she shares a passionate night with a stranger. However, her world is turned upside down when her new boss and neighbor turns out to be this mysterious man three months later.

The list of Webtoon romances is long. We've selected the best ones to help you plan your reading. Share with us in the comments which story you liked best. Would you like to read more? Discover the 5 best Webtoon must-reads!

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