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Since they first appeared webtoons are attracting more and more consumers. Born in South Korea, the concept has encouraged other countries to produce them. France is one of them. Whether you're a fan of action, fantasy or romance, there's a webtoon to suit your preference.

Petite Amie à Louer joins the list of 5 best romance webtoons. It offers a emotionally rich content. This is a Korean webtoon first released in 2022. The French version only saw the light of day in 2023. The author of the webcomic is Rusenaaccompanied by the illustrator SEOHAE. Among the 46 chapters currently available, only 4 are in French.

The story begins with Luna. A young girl who grew up in luxury. But when her family goes bankrupt, they lose all their wealth. Luna is forced to earn a living by offering her services as a fake girlfriend. She sets herself the goal of recovering the 130ᵉ floor of the Sergeilwhere she once lived with her parents.

One day, she meets Mun Seonghyeonthe apartment's new owner. He calls on her fake girlfriend service. But for Luna, it's an opportunity to hatch a plan to return to the 130ᵉ floor of the Sergeil.

Who are the characters in Petite Amie à Louer?

Image featuring Luna
Photo illustrating Luna in Petite Amie à Louer. Source :


Little Friend for Rent tells the story of a young woman's journey from luxury to poverty, where she deeply hopes to escape. Along the way, you'll meet : 

  • Luna The protagonist, 26 years old and living from her job as a friend for rent, is a young woman;
  • Mun Seonghyeon Luna: the new owner of Luna's family's former apartment on the 130th floor of Sergeil's luxury hotel. He becomes one of Luna's clients.
  • Dushik one of Luna's customers;
  • Yu Haseong Luna's psychiatrist;
  • Luna's motherwhom she hasn't seen in a long time.
  • Mun Seonghyeon's uncle.

As the French version of the webtoon is still in progress, French readers can expect more characters to appear.

Where to watch the Webtoon Petite Amie à Louer?

If you're interested in a story based on love, the webtoon Little Friend for Rent is sure to please. To watch this webtoon, go to You'll find the beginnings of Luna and Mun Seonghyeon's story. 

Mun Seonghyeon in the webtoon
Shot of Mun Seonghyeon in Petite Amie à Louer. Mun Seonghyeon. Source :


Other sites also offer Petite Amie à Louer, such as Where But you'll only find the English version.

Where to read Petite Amie à Louer?

On, you can read the First 4 episodes of Little Friend for Rent. Further episodes are still in preparation. If you'd like to be notified when the sequel to this webtoon is released, you'll need to register on the platform. 

On the other hand, if you're impatient or don't mind reading in English, opt for other platforms, such as Where

Where can I read scans of Petite Amie à Louer for free?

Luna and Mun Seonghyeon in Petite Amie à Louer.
Image showing Mun Seonghyeon and Luna in Petite Amie à Louer. Source :


On, one of the best Webtoon sitesyou can read for free scans de Petite Amie à Louer. However, as mentioned above, the platform's French-language chapters are still few and far between. So if you'd like to read the English-language scans of Petite Amie à Louer, you'll need to opt for Where Both sites offer complete chapters of the webtoon, i.e. chapter 46, to be read free from the comfort of your sofa.

Will Luna get her apartment back? Follow the story to the end to find out the fate of this young woman. Tell us what you think of this webtoon in the comments.

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