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GOAT ISLAND / Arc Goat – Chapter 1/3

Your first mission is as follows: Escape from the dungeons

'By competing with cunning and perseverance, you managed to escape from your cell. But the dungeons form a veritable labyrinth and are infested with jailers. You will have to fight to make your way to the exit. Take the opportunity to practice and improve your weapon skills!'

:scroll: Goals :

  • To harvest 2,500 :berry: berries:
  • win 15 enemies (3 waves):
  • Upgrade your weapon to level 1 :
  • Improve level weapon proficiency 1 at the level 2 :


For the berries you have all the commands below:

  • ^^fish
  • ^^daily
  • ^^btl
  • ^^boat
  • ^^ddm
  • by opening your lootboxes (^^lb l to know the list of your lootboxes, and ^^lb o to open them)


To defeat the enemies do ^^blt (Where ^^btl a). think about ^^tavern if you are missing HP.


To improve his weapon do ^^train weapon  (Where ^^train w), you will of course need the necessary berries (normally you have them when it's in the quests).


To improve weapon proficiency, ^^train mastery (Where ^^train m).


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.


Tutorial of the next chapter:

Tutorial from the previous chapter:

Back to the list of tutorials:

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