In what order do you look at pirates of the Caribbean?

Sail with Captain Jack Sparrow through the mysterious waters of the Caribbean, where each film is a part of fantastic legends and adventures. Wondering in what order to watch this epic saga of pirates, curses and treasure? Then you've come to the right place! Here, we give you the list available for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, from the quest for the Black Pearl, to seas haunted by ghost sailors and Salazar's terrifying revenge.

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Before you learn about the viewing order for the adventures of the eccentric Jack Sparrow and his crew, we invite you to discover the origins rooted in a legendary Disneyland attraction, the 5 films, and the actors who brought these cinematic treasures to life.

Where it all began

When it comes to films that have raised doubts about their success, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise clearly stands out, as it is among the most expensive films with a budget of $398 million. Two major obstacles stood in his way:

  • Firstly, its premise was based on a Disneyland attraction.
  • Secondly, the genre to which it belonged was in decline, following the notable failures of revival attempts such as "Island of the Severed Heads".

The starting point was audacious: to create a film based on an amusement park attraction, and in a genre considered unprofitable at the time. However, starring Johnny Depp, who brought a fantastic, charismatic and extravagant touch to the character, "Pirates of the Caribbean" became a phenomenon that propelled the saga to unexpected heights.

Talented actors for iconic characters

The franchise has seen a plethora of actors over the years. The various "Pirates of the Caribbean" films have gone through various stages, bringing to a close the story arcs of certain main characters who make no further appearances in installments 4 and 5.

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In this table, we list the talents who left their mark on the saga, along with their respective roles:

Actor Character Role
Jonny Depp The iconic Jack Sparrow The saga's symbolic pirate and captain of the feared Black Pearl ship
Geoffrey Rush Captain Hector Barbossa A fearsome pirate, back from the dead, is about to seize the Black Pearl, becoming Sparrow's fiercest rival. However, the adventures to come will bring them together on the same side.


Orlando Bloom Will Turner A modest blacksmith with exceptional mastery of the sword who becomes a pirate. He is a protagonist right up to the conclusion of his story in the third film, and also makes an appearance in the fifth installment of the saga.
Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann Governor Wheaterby Swann's courageous daughter is also a protagonist alongside Will until the end of his story in the third film. She also makes an appearance in the fifth installment of the franchise.
Jack Davenport British officer James Norrigton, He played one of Sparrow's main adversaries in the first three films.
Kevin R. McNally Joshamee Gibbs A loyal friend of Jack Sparrow.
Bill Nighy Captain of the Flying Dutchman Davy Jones An individual who appears in two films before disappearing into anonymity, only to reappear again.


Penelope Cruz Angelica A fearsome pirate featured in the fourth opus, entitled "On Unknown Tides".
Javier Bardem Armando Salazar Another cursed captain appears in the fifth episode, "Salazar's Revenge". He's the pirates' enemy.


Watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" the way it was meant to be seen

The films deal with adventure mixed with humor, where sword duels, pirate ships, legendary relics, monsters at sea, ghosts and curses cross paths. Each film tells a different story, but all revolve around Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, whose eccentric character has left his mark on this epic.

There are currently 5 installments in the series, with a sixth in the pipeline. This next opus could feature a different approach, of which we'll provide more details below to keep you informed of the saga's evolution.

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In any case, here are the 5 films to watch in order to immerse yourself in the adventure in the best possible way:

  • N° 1 : Pirates of the Caribbean 1, title : "The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • N° 2 : Pirates of the Caribbean 2, title : "The secret of the cursed chest
  • N° 3 : Pirates of the Caribbean 3, title : "To the end of the world
  • N° 4 : Pirates of the Caribbean 4, title : "The Fountain of Youth
  • N° 5 : Pirates of the Caribbean 5, title : "Salazar's Revenge

Discover the relevance and value of each of these five box-office successes, totalling over $5 billion at the box-office.

No. 1 "The Curse of the Black Pearl

Jack Sparrow, legendary pirate captain, loses the Black Pearl to his enemy Barbossa. Bar uses it to attack Port Royal and kidnap the governor's daughter. Will Turner, a skilled blacksmith, joins Jack to save them and reveal the curse of this cursed captain and his crew, condemned to be the living dead. Released in 2003, the film received five Oscar nominations.


No. 2 "The secret of the cursed chest

Jack Sparrow returns with familiar elements: adventure, black magic and a touch of mystery. This time, he's up against the terrifying captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, ruler of the seven seas and bound to a sinister destiny. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann join Sparrow to find the legendary dead man's chest, in the hope of escaping the curse.

Released in 2006, the film, like some sagas, leaves the plot hanging in the middle of the action, serving mainly as a prelude to the third installment, with no resolution.

No. 3 "To the end of the world

Turner and Swann join forces with Barbossa to rescue Sparrow, captured by Davy Jones. Jack is the last of the nine pirate lords of the Brotherhood Court, forced to unite in a final battle to preserve the pirate way of life, synonymous with freedom. This film was released in 2007.


No. 4 "The Fountain of Youth

Jack meets Angelica, a pirate in search of the Fountain of Youth, while Ian McShane plays the fearsome Blackbeard, and Barbossa makes his return. However, Will and Elizabeth Swann are no longer present.

The quality of the saga is declining, and this film, released in 2011, received mixed reviews. It follows the usual formula, relying on Johnny Depp's charisma, although the latter is beginning to lose some of his luster.

No. 5 "Salazar's Revenge

Penélope Cruz joins her husband, Javier Bardem, who plays the cursed Captain Salazar, another undead man determined to wipe out all pirates. Released in 2017, the plot follows a similar formula, with the aim of finding a trident instead of chests or springs.

Reviews are mixed, but the public continues to support the series, which is the most important thing.

Any news on "Pirates of the Caribbean 6"?

  • Johnny Depp was ousted from the franchise because of what happened with his former wife Amber Heard.
  • The sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film is in the works, but Depp's involvement as Jack Sparrow is uncertain.
  • Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites are contractually attached to the sixth film.
  • Margot Robbie had been considered for a pirate spin-off, but the project was cancelled by Disney.
  • Another project is in the pipeline, but the future success of the series without Jack Sparrow is uncertain.

Now you know all the secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The pirates' adventures at sea make you want to go on a trip. Costa cruise ? First of all, go and see them when you get the chance, and then you'll see about your new adventure!

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