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Webtoon movies are gaining in popularity. To help you plan your reading, we have selected the best. Do you prefer webtoons that revolve around slices of life, love and sex? Love Factory plunges you into the heart of this kind of story.

This webtoon is out in 2021 in South Korea with a total of 28 chapters. It's a work by the screenwriter G-Goon and illustrator C-Dyce. The story begins with Sunnya young man who has just finished his military service. He started working part-time in a supermarket to finance his studies. But the pandemic has changed all that. To earn a living, he'll have to work in a remote region to produce medical masks.

With his roommate Sathe meets Marie Parka would-be stewardess who hasn't yet had the chance to fly and wants to keep busy during the pandemic. Working with this young woman will bring him many surprises he never expected!

Who are the characters in the Love Factory webtoon?

In Love FactoryThe plot begins with three main characters: 

  • Sunny the protagonist and the youngest in the factory;
  • Marie Park the temperamental young hostess;
  • Sat Sunny's roommate, who seems to know everything that goes on in the factory.
The two main characters of Love Factory
Image showing Sunny and Marie Park in Love Factory. Source :


The webtoon also features a number of older women as anonymous secondary characters.

Where to watch the Webtoon Love Factory?

Although it's a well-illustrated and well-rated webtoon, Love Factory isn't available on all platforms. As it's an adult work, you'll only be able to watch it in VF on certain sites, including Manga Hub and Toonmics. Toonmics is the publisher of the webcomic. You can watch the first two episodes on this platform to immerse yourself in the context of the story.

Where to read the Webtoon Love Factory?

If the first two episodes have inspired you to continue, Toonmics allows you to read the story through to the end. To do this, you'll need to register and create an account on the platform. The subscription will cost you between 4,99 and 8.30 euros.

Marie Park at work
Illustration of Marie Park wearing a mask at work. Source :


Manga Hub also offers a paid service for full enjoyment of this webtoon. But unlike Toonmics, this platform won't offer you free episodes. You need to become a Premium subscriber. Premium subscriptions range from 6.99 to 13.99 euros.

Where can you read Love Factory scans in French for free?

Unfortunately, no site offers Love Factory in VF for free. Although Toonmics offers two free episodes, the rest of the series is pay-per-view, and it's the only one to offer this option. But that doesn't mean you can't look for others. best webtoons available.

Discussion between Sunny and Marie
Image showing Sunny and Marie having a chat. Source :


Beware of sites that offer this weebtoon for free. They may redirect you to a malicious site. On the other hand, if you can read inother languagesYou're likely to find the complete chapters of Love Factory. The original Korean version is available free of charge on Manytoonwhile an English version of the webtoon is available at

Love factory features carefully-crafted graphics and funny sketches. Are you ready to dive into Sunny's adventure? Tell us what you think of this adult webtoon in the comments, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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