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Born in South Korea, webtoons have become a worldwide trend. While the first works were purely Korean, the advent of French and American webtoons was not long in coming. They include webcomics action, fantasy, SF and romance. We have selected Top 5 Webtoon to help you plan your reading. 

My Only One is a romance webtoon for a discerning audience. It has a total of 64 chapters. It is the work of Kim Gyeranboth author and illustrator. The webtoon was created in 2021 in Koreanwhile the French has appeared in 2022. The story features Haneula young woman who wants to experience love with a capital A. The poor girl has been on one bad date after another and has just ended a relationship that wasn't working out. She desperately needs a stable relationship.

On New Year's Eve, she vowed to find her Prince Charming. But the next day, without explanation, a number 1 appeared on her neck. It was under mysterious circumstances that she met Haelim. Is he the man she's been waiting for? What does the number around Haneul's neck mean?

Who are the characters in My Only One?

Haneul and Haelim chatting
Image showing Haneul and Haelim talking. Source :


My Only One is a webtoon set in a love storywith some pretty naughty scenes. But the sites that offer the content to a major audience long before the reading. The key characters in this exciting story are : 

  • Haneul The protagonist of the work, a 34-year-old single woman;
  • Yomi Her best friend is a 30-year-old blonde. She lives with her;
  • Haelim the young foreigner of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.


Where to watch the Webtoon My Only One?

Haneul and Yomi on New Year's Eve
Photo of Haneul and Yomi celebrating the festive season together. Source :


The webtoon My Only One is easily accessible to the general public. If you'd like to watch it, it's available on the great list of You can use a computer or even a Webtoons mobile application to immerse yourself in the adventures of Haneul, Yomi and Haelim.

Where to read My Only One?

If the synopsis of My Only One has made you want to read on, is the only address where you can read this webtoon. By the way, if you'd like to read more free episodes, you can scan the QR code or choose tDownload the application from Google Play or Apple Store.

Where can you read My Only One scans for free?

Haneul with his number on his neck
Image featuring Haneul with the number 1 on his neck. Source :


Are you reading My Only One on an unsecured, pay-per-view site? Beware, and choose a secure, free site instead. This is the case with Webtoons.comone of the best Webtoon sites where My Only One can be read for free, with the exception of the final chapters. To watch My Only One, rUse your Daily Pass to unlock a free episode every day. However, this Daily Pass will not unlock the last 5 episodes.

The drawings are of excellent quality and the scenes are quite explicit. My Only One gives you the inside scoop on the relationship between Haneul and Haelim. Will it last?

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