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Storm Hawk Feather is a crafting material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained in the Midlands and used to create a wide variety of items. We'll look at where to find the Storm Hawk feather and how to use it.

For your information, the pages are about to be updated, so bookmark them (CTRL + D). And come back to them (private browsing to avoid caching). Crafting materials allow you to create items or consumables for the Elden Ring game.

Image of the Storm Hawk Feather in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of the Storm Hawk Feather:

Feather of a falcon in perfect symbiosis with the storm. Material used to craft items.

These feathers surrounded by swirling winds are often used to flet arrows.

Item name in English: "Stormhawk Feather

Locations of the Storm Hawk Feather. Where to find the Storm Hawk Feather in Elden Ring.

Worldwide :

  • 1 in the Lift Room, Site de Grace in Stormveil Castle: on the ground in the heavily-guarded courtyard.
  • 1 on the Liurnia sud freeway, Site de grâce in Liurnia des lacs: on a corpse near the road to the north.
  • 1 by Liurnia's Divine Tower: on a corpse at the west end of the bridge.
  • 1 in the Wyndham ruins
  • 5 behind the Church of Vows, on a corpse slumped on the cliffside.

You can also buy it from :

  • Gostoc Guardian: 500 Runes, 5 available

The Storm Hawk Feather can be released by :

Enemy Drop-out rate
War hawk 15.00%
Soldier of exile 2.00%
Great soldier of exile 2.00%


Agricultural sites :

  • Tour of the ramparts Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle: There are 3 War Hawks just outside the north gate, and although there's another at the end of the walkway that will cause an explosion, it's generally quicker to do just the 3 that are close by.
  • Stormveil Cliffside Grace Site, in Stormveil Castle. From Grace, head east on the path, for a total of 6. 1 will jump off the cliff to the south in the first clearing, 2 others are just to the east on a downhill slope. Head west up the path and just south, there will be 3 more: one on the ground and two in a tree. Continue north to return to the grace.
  • The roof of the Dragon Temple is a site of grace in the ruined Farum Azula. There are a total of 13 War Hawks between grace and the hidden golden tree on the left at the top of the building. 2 are on the initial level where you descend, 1 on the next roof, 2 just below, 2 on the walkway to the dragon's resting place, 1 on the roof just to the east, 4 more on columns above and behind (three of them can be reached with Frenzied Burst from the walkway, the other can be reached from the south), and 1 more on the ground below where the others are perched. (Note: if your damage is high enough to knock them down, they will almost always fall from the columns, allowing you to loot them).

List of recipes using Storm Hawk Feather

The Storm Hawk feather can be used to make the following item:

  • Stormwing bone arrow

Further information on the Storm Hawk Feather

  • Purchase value: 50 Runes

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