The True Beauty Webtoon: Free scans, Netflix & release date

Mastering make-up to the point of becoming a true beauty "goddess" can change an entire life. Imagine a shy student, harassed for her physical appearance, who discovers the secret to becoming a "beauty goddess". true goddess make-up. 

But how long can she keep this power hidden? That's the complex, emotional storyline of True Beauty, created in 2018 by Yaongy.

Categorized as manga seinenTrue Beauty quickly gained popularity and was adapted into a series in 2020 by Kim Sang Hyub. The novel has more than 150 million views on Webtoon, one of the world's largest best sites to read manhwa published online. The manga is complete, with 261 chapters. You can also buy the books, which total 19 volumes, in the Kbooks collection.

Where can you read Webtoon True Beauty for free?

Ju-Kyeong ready for her new life
Ju-Kyeong in Webtoon True Beauty


Want to read about Ju Gyeong's adventures in True Beauty? One of the free and reliable sites is Webtoons. It's a complete site where you can find different novels like Eleceed or the light novel Lecteur Omniscient. 

You can also read the English version of True Beauty on sites like : 

  • Thehappygrowth;
  • Manhwatop;
  • Aquamanga.

 If you're more comfortable with appsuse Ono, which archives manga produced in France and South Korea. There are also other applications that allow you to read True Beauty for free.

Highlights from the fin du Webtoon True Beauty

It was with a mixture of joy and melancholy that True Beauty's ardent readers came face to face with the long-awaited denouement of this exciting adventure. Spoiler alert!

In the end, Ju Gyeong and Su-ho forged an unexpected bond, going back to their shared childhood. Su-ho was the guardian angel of our heroin for as long as he could remember, even though he didn't know her. A girl for whom he had unconfessed feelings, because remember, he'd already seen her without make-up.

Ju Gyeong, for her part, has finally come into her own and decided to live her life without make-up or artifice. She's full of life and enthusiasm, while Su-ho is about to propose. In the end, they are two kindred spirits who have taken time to understand each other's feelings.

Webtoon True Beauty's two soulmates
Unadorned love between Ju-Gyeong and Su-ho

What is the name of True Beauty on Netflix?

You'd think Netflix would change the name of the True Beauty series. Indeed, the novel has an alternative title: Descent Of A Goddess. To avoid offending fans, Netflix has kept the original name.

When will True Beauty be released on Netflix?

Adapted into a series in South Korea by Kim Sang Hyub, the K-Drama True beauty arrived on Netflix on December 11, 2023. It features the first 16 episodes of season 1, each lasting between 72 and 81 minutes.


Ju-Kyeong uses online tutorials to stop suffering from other people's stares because of her unsightly face. Now an expert in make-up, she is considered the prettiest girl in high school.

An anime adaptation of True Beauty is currently in production. It will be broadcast in France in 2024. The animation studio and production team in charge of the project have not yet been revealed. Are you looking forward to this anime? If you'd like to read other exciting stories in the meantime, check out our selection of best Webtoon.

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