Tier list Palworld: the best Pals to have

You'll find below on our alucare.fr website the tier list of Pals playable in 2024. It is based on the pals' combat performance + work skills.

You can click on the pals' names to find out more about them.

If you think there's an error in the Tier List you can say so in the comments section. We're always listening, but as a reminder, the tier list is general, and there can always be a pals classified as B tier that may be S tier in a certain category.

Ranked in numerical order of Pals.

Palworld ranking and Tier list :

SS Pals of SS rank (Top God Tier)

S | Pals of SS rank (God Tier)

A | A-rank Pals (Excellent)

B | B-rank Pals (Good)

C | C-rank Pals (Bad)

What criteria does the tier list use?

Support capacity :

Whether or not the pals are useful for supporting you in your base.

Pals damage:

If your pals can help you and do maximum damage.

La tankiness du Pals :

Know whether your Pals can survive as long as possible in battle, so you can tank damage.

Flexibility in your teams :

Can the Pals easily fit into your teams, or is it a single team? The more teams he can join, the more points he earns.

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