5 Things to Know About the Scav Karma, Reputation Fence

Learn all about Scav Karma and Fence reputation in Escape From Tarkov (EFT)!

New to Escape From Tarkov and don't know what Scav Karma is? We will explain everything to you!

Description of Scav Karma (Fence reputation)

In mid-2021, Karma scav was added to prevent scav runs from killing other scav who have out loot. You are allied with all scav and if you kill one, you lose Karma. PMCs must be executed.

As a result, the scac becomes a lot of looter gameplay.

So the Scav becomes much more end-of-map looter gameplay.

You can find your karma at Fence.

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Karma scav on escape from tarkov

How do I lose Scav Karma?

You lose karma when you do various bad deeds:

  • Kill a non-hostile scav (a non-hostile scav is a scav who has not shot another scav);
  • Shooting a non-hostile scav;
  • Kill a boss guard;
  • Kill a scav boss.

How do I earn Scav Karma?

On the other hand, you have plenty of ways to earn scav Karma:

  • Kill a hostile scav (you earn the amount of Karma it has lost);
  • Killing a PMC (you earn points according to the number of Scavs it has killed);
  • Exit with a PMC on a PMC-SCAV extraction;
  • Use a car (V-extract in PMC or scav) to get out of the Map ;
  • Surviving as a Scav.

How does your Scav Karma affect your Scav?

Negative (bad reputation tarkov):

  • You'll have less good stuff on your Scav ;
  • The scav box will take longer to return;
  • AIs will be more aggressive with you and won't let you get close (especially bosss);
  • The recovery time for scav is longer.


  • You'll get better stuff on your Scav ;
  • The scav box farm goes fast;
  • You get the best price at Fence ;
  • Your car trips cost less;
  • The boss won't attack you (unless they're really aggressive, even with AI scavs);
  • When you have 6 Scav reputation at Fence, you can buy stuff that isn't insured and loses it in Raid).

Other positive bonuses that I wasn't able to verify in the game:

  • Best price at Fence;
  • More extraction in Scav ;
  • More interaction with AI Scavs.

Advice and other information:

  • Be careful not to kill too many scav. It's better not to shoot and kill if you're not sure of your shot, because you'll probably lose much more than you win!
  • If you defend yourself, that would be great, but if he doesn't manage to hit you, you're going to lose karma.
  • Car extraction loses reputation every time you use it, so after 6 car extracts, you'll earn almost nothing.
  • In PMC you cannot lose reputation EXCEPT by killing Santa Claus for example!
  • To go up fast, go out with a car extraction to start. And get out alive with a Scav.
  • The scav stuff will determine whether you're more likely to get a bag.

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