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DANGER Archer Forest, important information:

The game just banned me after +7 months of continuous playI've just lost all my progress, the tickets sent to support were never answered for several months, so it's useless, so I'm sorry to say I no longer recommend you play. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

For those who are looking for a game, I recommend you try Dragon Champions, a game where I talk to the developers and with whom I've been able to discuss a lot, if you want to get some ideas. important free rewards use the following code before level 15 :


Update 09/08/2023: I'm still banned, it's been +3 months and no response from support. I've lost €150 and I'm not the only one, some have even spent €1,500.

So, unfortunately, I'd advise you to switch games. You can try out Dragon Champions for free by clicking on the link, or try out another game.

To farm and make fast progress on the game:

For those who are starting, I invite you to see to install the game on PC to farm and advance faster (you have to let the game run as long as possible):

For your information, we're recruiting someone to do the guides for the game. If you're interested, join the discord here:

Archer Mines:

Archer Mines is a mini-game where a player must mine down and use pickaxes in order to get rewards. The minigame has several different blocks that give different rewards like diamonds, red diamonds, runes, and bows. The deeper the player sinks, the higher the quality or quantity of the rewards. Each block has different amounts of VP. Two different types of pickaxes can be used to damage a block's HP: a normal pickaxe does 1 damage and a golden pickaxe does 5 damage. Pickaxe damage values can be increased by upgrading the Pickaxe Workshop building in the Archer Village. The player must also keep in mind that you cannot go back in time.
Note that this mini-game is permanent and does not reset.

Demo Mini Game Archer Mines in Archer Forest

The player receives 50 Pickaxes per day, 20 additional Pickaxes by watching ads daily (two ads reward 10 Pickaxes each), and 20 additional Pickaxes and 3 Golden Pickaxes per day after purchasing the Miner Pass. The amount of Daily Pickaxes can be increased by upgrading the Miner's House building in the Archer Village.

The Archer Mines also has a ranking system, accessible by clicking on the icon below, which serves no purpose other than to compare the depth of each player's progress through the mini-game. (As seen below)

Below are the values extracted from the data regarding the HP, depth needed and rewards given by each block/ore in the Archer Mines mini-game.

Arc for the mini:

Every 1000 meters deep, the player will have a chance (NOT 100%) to get a bow.

There are three different types of arcs, from 1 to 3 stars. To better explain, here is the data from two different player mines:

Player 1:
Depth 1000m = arc 1 star
Depth 2000m = 2 star arc
Depth 3000m = no bow
Depth 4000m = 3 star bows
Depth 5000m = 1 star bow
Depth 6000m = no bow

Player 2:
Depth 1000m = arc at 1 star
Depth 2000m = 2 stars
Depth 3000m = 3 star bows
Depth 4000m = no bow

Questions about Archer Forest join my discord:

To find all the Tutorial on Archer Forest:

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