Glyph of Black Knife | Elden Ring

Glyph of Black Knife | Elden Ring

You want to get the black knife glyph to continue the Rogier and Fia's quest in Elden Ring? This guide will help you find the way to get it and complete the dungeon.

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Image :

Image illustrating the Black Knife Glyph
Image of the Black Knife Glyph


During the Night of the Black KnivesAt the same time, someone stole a fragment of the Death rune from Maliketh the Ebony Blade and imbued the assassins' daggers with its power.

This glyph proves the veracity of this ritual and helps bring the plot to light.

English name of the item: "Black Knifeprint"

Black Knife Glyph" locations. Where to find the "Black Knife Glyphs" in Elden Ring?

If you are looking for the "Black Knife Glyph", here is a quick explanation of its position:

An assassin lurking in the upper part of the dungeon has him. To find him, head towards the room with the guillotines (at the far right of the first corridor after the door to boss). On your way up, the second blade will help you access the upper part of the dungeon. To easily reach the small terrace, you'll need to stand to the left of it.

Once you've reached the top, continue on your way. As soon as you reach a dead endhit the wall that's blocking your way, it's a illusory wall. To collect the object of your desire, you must defeat the assassin in the secret room.

This glyph is found in :

You have to kill a hidden boss, so I invite you to watch the video in the following link in its entirety:

List of quests using: "Glyph of Black Knife"

It allows you to move forward Rogier the sorcerer's quest :

Once you have the glyph in your hand, you can either continue through the dungeon to fight the real boss, or immediately head for the Round Table to reset the glyph to Rogier. After giving the glyph, recharge the area by resting at a site of grace, then return to Rogier; he'll direct you to Ranni, located north-west of Liurnia, near the Three Sisters. Following your interview with Ranni, return to Rogier to report your findings. Finally, and perhaps surprisingly, you'll have to talk to Ranni one last time before agreeing to take on a new project. join his camp.

Would you now like to complete the dungeon? The path is similar to that of the Black Knife Assassin. You'll need to find the boss Shadow, as this will allow you to pick up a Mortefleur to continue the dungeon. search for Gurranq.

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