Bloomea Bank: A fake bank to swindle?

If you've heard of Bloomea Bank, you've probably seen a video like this one:


For your information, the Bloomea bank doesn't exist and it was a fake Blue Diamond contest. No contest with Facebook ads offers you the chance to win so much money by doing nothing!

The aim is to collect €9.

Don't hesitate to post a comment if you've been fooled!


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2 commentaires on "Bloomea Bank: A fake bank to scam ?"

  1. Hello,
    I just saw the video on Facebook and first came to research the blue diamond and the bank it offers. Thank you very much for the information about this ad.

  2. yes, I confirm, a scam for weak and vulnerable minds;
    it proposes that you give 9 € to receive 1100€ each week for 5 years and if you open an account at bloomer bank for 30 years...But of course ;; false lottery, false bank, to flee!!!! It stinks of scam !


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