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The Ivoine Butterfly is a crafting material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained in the Intermediate Lands and are used to create a wide variety of objects. Let's see where to find the Ivoine Butterfly and how to use it.

For your information, the pages are about to be updated, so bookmark them (CTRL + D). And come back to them (private browsing to avoid caching). Crafting materials allow you to create items or consumables for the Elden Ring game.

Image of Ivoine's Butterfly in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of the Papillon d'Ivoine :

Butterfly with withered scarlet wings living in the swamp of Ivoine. Material used to craft items.

According to legend, these butterflies were once the wings of the goddess of putrefaction herself.

Item name in English: "Aeonian Butterfly

Where to find the Papillon d'Ivoine. Where can I find the Papillon d'Ivoine in Elden Ring?

Ivoine butterflies found in the outside world do not reappear after resting on a site of grace.

In the world

In Caelid:

  • 1 in one of the buildings on the Rue des Ruines des Sages, in the Aeonia marshlands.
  • 1 south of boss Commander O'Neil's combat arena. (This is a ball of light on the ground, not insects flying through the air).
  • 1 south-west of the Site of Grace, heart of Aeonia (in Commander O'Neil's combat arena).
  • 7 near the Inner Aeonia grace site: 5 to the south, 1 to the north and 1 to the west.
  • 3 in and around the Church of the Plague.
  • 1 east of the Grace site, away from the Caelid North highway, in the marsh.
  • 1 northeast of Sellia, city of witchcraft.
  • 14 in the abandoned cave.

On the Altus stage:

  • 2 in a turret in the shady castle, which requires you to jump off a wall in the area containing the elevator tower, just before the boss.

In the river Ainsel :

  • 3 on the cliff overlooking Lake Rot.

On Lake Rot :

  • An abundance (at least 20) is found in various parts of the lake.
  • Plundered in a crop next to the lake of decay, Site of grace

On Miquella's tree

  • 2 in the branches surrounding the site of grace, Canopée Haligtree.
  • 1 at the end of a branch near (before) the grace site, Haligtree Town Square.
  • 1 next to the chest at the top of the tower after the battle with boss Loretta, Chevalier de l'Haligtree.

Elphael, the arcade of Haligrtree

  • Many butterflies can be found in this region.


The Ivoine butterfly can be purchased from :

  • Caelid nomad merchant, northern highway: 1,500 Runes (5 available)

Let down by enemies

Enemy Drop-out rate
Basil 8.00%
Little brothers of decay 1.50%


Agricultural sites

  • Grand Cloister: from the Site of Grace, drive along the south side of the Lake of Decay to find four basilisks, then head towards the ruins to find eight more. Roll through the rot, then return to dry land before it builds up completely to trigger a less damaging form of scarlet rot.

List of recipes using Papillon d'Ivoine

The Ivoine butterfly can be used to make the following items:

  • Pot of rot
  • Rotten bone bolt
  • Grease rot
  • Cordon de graisse rot
  • Rotten bone arrow
  • Rotten-bone arrow (arrowed)

Further information on the Papillon d'Ivoine

  • You can store up to 999 Ivoine butterflies.
  • Purchase value: 100 Runes

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