Chainsaw man streaming: Where to watch Chainsaw man?

Chainsaw Man is a popular anime that has captivated many people since its release. This anime was indeed the talk of all social networks, with all manga fans excited. So we've decided to let you know where you can find Chainsaw man streaming.

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What's there to know about Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is a fairly recent manga, and stands out for its protagonist's crazy, perverse psychology and goals.

From manga to anime Chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man is the work of mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto. He knew how to exploit the vicious but real desires of young men to create the protagonist's personality. And it's a technique that's proven effective in luring otaku into his net.


The manga tells the story of a rather inconvenient hero born into a world where demons materialize through human fear. Things that are feared little become weak demons, and those that arouse the most fear become powerful demonic creatures. It was in this world that a future hero named Denji grew up. Betrayed by his boss, he was forced on the brink of death to make a pact with his pet demon Pochita. Thus, he became half man, half demon, and is obliged to fulfill the pact to make all his dreams come true. Pretty basic, simple dreams. And so begins Denji's fasting adventure, the Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw man
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Streaming websites showing Chainsaw man

And adapting these comics into animation is a highly anticipated event. Chainsaw Man is no exception. Its anime adaptation hit streaming sites in late 2022. So let's see where you can watch it.

Legal and illegal distribution

Licensing is something that anime studios are very strict about. Several sites broadcasting copyrighted content have been shut down. In fact, these sites are currently obliged to constantly change address for this reason of inspection and closure by the authorities. Use of these sites requires surfing on a private network, using a VPN. On the other hand, sites that have obtained a broadcast license have full rights to broadcast the anime adaptations produced by Japanese studios.

Streaming websites where to find Chainsaw man

To be able to view chainsaw man in streaming, you could check it out on crunchyroll or on Netflix, ADN or even Voiranime and Dysney+. For your information, it is possible to change age category if you subscribe to the Netflix channel.

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