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Donorbox is a fundraising platform that enables you to raise funds or make donations. Many non-profit organizations now place their trust in Donorbox. Donations are made for the benefit of users and their projects. In this review, we'll look at the specifics of Donorbox.

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Introduction to Donorbox

What exactly is Donorbox? It's abouta fundraising form creator designed by an American company. This tool was designed to make it easier to send donations and reduce the time needed to fill in donor fields. Not only is the procedure fast, but this system of donations via an electronic medium do increase the number of donations collected very quickly.

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Donorbox history and mission

As we already know, Donorbox is a creator of fundraising forms. Before choosing this foundraising software, it's important to understand its origins and mission.

Donorbox evolution

Donorbox is an attractive software package, primarily for non-profit organizations. Indeed, Donorbox adopts the "keep it simple" approach to all products, to the interface and especially to application integrations. Today, the application is available in almost 96 countries, in 11 languages and over 40 currencies. For Donorbox, the main donation form is completed in several simple, flexible and, above all, intuitive steps. This is designed to make things easier for non-profit organizers.

Donors can also configure, customize, integrate and manage the application's interface. Donorbox also offers a range of secure payment methods, putting it on a par with traditional fundraising software. What's more, it's recurring donations that are easy to plan and manage that are the heroes of this product offering. All these features make Donorbox a trusted ally for organizations.

Donorbox's mission and vision

First and foremost, Donorbox is an application that aims to provide simple, effective tools for different organizations. This is so they can better manage their fundraising activities, forge better relationships with donors and build sustainable development for their organization. Donorbox is one of the leading fundraising platforms, offering a variety of products such as :

  • Donation buttons
  • Fundraising forms
  • Customized fundraising pages
  • Text-to-Give campaigns
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Participatory financing.

What's more, application registration is free, with no contracts or monthly fees. What's more, our processing fees are the lowest on the market. Donorbox also has all the tools you need to complete your mission.

Donorbox's main features

Here are the main features of Donorbox:

Simplified donation process

The first feature of Donorbox is the simplified donation process, in other words :

  • Effortlessly copy and paste easy-to-customize donation forms directly onto your site
  • Simplified donation process allows donors to save payment information and donate it again with QuickDonate
  • It allows donors to cover the transaction costs for users to receive donations at 100 %
  • You'll also receive support for over 44 currencies, 11 languages and a new payment method.
  • Frustration-free pricing

Integration with WordPress and other platforms

Donorbox has been designed to help organizations quickly integrate an optimized, recurring donation form into their websites. This form generator allows you to collect personalized questions from your donor, asking them to assign their donation to be dedicated in someone's honor. Donorbox integrates with other plug-ins including: PayPal, Salesforce integration, MailChimp, etc. At the same time, Donorbox will also integrate with WordPress, especially if you have a WordPress site. To do so:

  • Integrate the button seamlessly into your WP website or as a pop-up widget
  • You will then accept recurring monthly donations
  • These recurring plans can then be managed by donors.
  • it's possible to make payments by card, Apple Pay, low-cost ACH or SEPA bank transfers, or via Google Play or PayPal.

Video explaining how to integrate Donorbox into a WordPress site.

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Recurring donations

Using the donation forms and campaigns created on Dornobox, it is possible for organizations to include recurring donations. For example, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual donations can be accepted using this form. It is also possible to highlight your preferred donation interval on each donation form. When you create a donation form on Donorbox, you can choose the recurring option by default. Donors will then know which interval would be most useful to your organization.

You can then integrate this form on your site's donation page or as a pop-up. You can also use the fundraising page hosted by Donorbox. This is created automatically when you create a campaign and a recurring donation form. It's also possible to customize this page to add your own distinctive elements, such as your logo, graphics or a short description.

On the other hand, recurring donations have no monthly or start-up costs. However, there are nominal platform fees at 1.5 % and processing fees from Stripe and PayPal. These costs may also be borne by your donors.

Costs associated with Donorbox

When it comes to price plans, Donorbox offers a range of packages to suit all users:

Pricing structure

Donorbox you offers 3 price levelssuch that :

  • Standard;
  • Pro;
  • Premium.


This standard rate is free of chargebut offers a number of advantages, such as donation forms, them settings on hosted pages as well as the Donorbox Live.


This offer at only 139 $ per monththis rate includes all standard accesses plus traking and theanalysis as well as the organization's new logo.


The premium plan is made to measure, it means that the price is not highlighted on the sitebut will be calculated according to the requirement of the organization.

Illustration of the Donorbox price list
Donorbox rates

Table: Comparison of costs and features offered by each plan.

Transaction fees

Regarding transaction fees, as mentioned above, most donors cover transaction fees. Provided the user asks for them. This is a convenient feature for all Donorbox users.

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Donorbox price comparison

Graph: Visualization of Donorbox's transaction costs compared to its competitors.

Donorbox advantages over alternatives

Compared to other Donorbox alternatives, it offers several features that are advantageous, especially for users and donors:

Donorbox highlights

Several survey sites mention Donorbox, on Capterra it has an average score of 4.8 out of 5. With 7 languages available on the platform, several countries can benefit from the advantages offered by Donorbox. It's true that users say experience is not always the easiestbut thanks to responsive customer service, there majority of customers quickly obtain good care on their part. According to the comments received, Donorbox enables organizations to track and D'analyze donations receivedand the form customization with their own logo and color themes.

How does Donorbox stand out from the alternatives?

Donorbox isn't just a plugin. It's designed for non-profit organizations. What's more, it's also a comprehensive fundraising platform offering a full suite of features to take your mission to the next level. Today, more than 50,000 associations in 96 countries worldwide. It has raised over a billion euros in recent years. What's more, the software is very easy to use. Everything has been designed to make life easier for donors and users alike. In fact, setting up a personalized campaign takes just 15 minutes. Then you can start fundraising on multiple platforms.

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Donorbox is a popular fundraising platform on the market today. Today, the platform spans over 90 countries worldwide. It has been designed to simplify life for users and donors alike. That's why associations and businesses that want to raise funds for a specific project choose this platform. Put your trust in Donorbox, a platform that offers nothing but advantages.

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