Anti-sacred dried liver | Elden Ring

Anti-sacred Liver Jerky is a consumable item in Elden Ring. We'll look at where to find it, how to buy it and important information to know about Anti-sacral Liver Jerky.

Image of anti-sacred dried liver in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of Anti-sacred dried liver :

Dried beast's liver after being treated in a golden medicinal decoction.
Item that can be crafted.

Temporarily increases resistance to Holy Damage, reducing the damage you take from attacks imbued with this element.

Item name: "Holyproof Dried Liver

Locations of anti-sacred dried liver in Elden Ring :

You will find the anti-sacred dried liver :

  • In the Royal Capital of Leyndell: in the sewers, past the enemy of the Broken Statue, in the room below, there are three objects to grab; one of them is the anti-sacred Dried Liver.
  • In Root Depth
  • In Leyndell

How to make anti-sacred dried liver in Elden Ring?

To make Anti-Sacred Liver Jerky, you'll need the Missionary Manual (6) and the following craft materials:

How to use anti-sacred dried liver in Elden Ring?

Anti-sacred dried liver increases the negation of sacred damage for a period of time:

  • Sacred damage negation +35% (+10% in PvP)
  • Duration: 120 seconds

Further information on Anti-sacred dried liver

  • You can keep up to 5 anti-sacred dried livers and store up to 999.
  • Purchase value: 100 Runes.

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