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Flora Mundis is a crafting material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained from intermediate lands and used to create a wide variety of objects. We'll look at where to find Flora Mundis and how to use it.

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Image of the Flora Mundis in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of the Flora Mundis :

A dark yellow flower with brownish highlights that grows throughout the Underworld.
Material used to craft items.

Some say that the leaves that once fell from the World Tree would have served as the soil for this flower.

Item name in English: "Eardleaf Flower

Flora Mundis locations. Where to find Flora Mundis in Elden Ring?

The Flora Mundis found in the outside world is reborn after resting on a site of grace.

Worldwide :

  • It can be found in Limgrave, on the Weeping Peninsula and in Liurnia des lacs.

Agricultural sites :

  • The four belfries: four of them are located near the Place de Grace.

List of recipes using Flora Mundis

Flora Mundis can be used to make the following items:

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