FUCHSIA VILLAGE / Fuchsia Arc – Chapter 3/4

Your third mission is: A strong boat

'You watch the last attackers flee, satisfied with your victory. Now there's only one thing you need to do before you can set sail… get yourself a boat!'


 Goals :

  • To harvest 2  cola: 0/2
  • Build your ship to level 1


To build your boat, we'll assume you've already had a cola, otherwise read on and I'll explain how to get the 2 you need.

So to build the boat you just need to do: ^^boat build  accept and then wait 10 minutes!


For the colas you have several choices:

  • On koyamie's koyabot discord (link here) TO DO t!rep @koyamie, then ^^lb o wood, you will then have 1 cola (to do every day)
  • You can get some by making ^^fish every hour.
  • With the ^^vote and when you open by doing ^^lb o solid, (to be done every 12 hours) (and you don't have to collect cola).
  • If you have your boat do ^^boat e 1 and after 30 minutes ^^boat a (be careful not to lose your boat, you only have 15 minutes to place this order. (no need to collect cola)


As soon as you are done just do a ^^chap next.


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