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FUCHSIA VILLAGE / Fuchsia Arc – Chapter 4/4

Your fourth mission is: Adventure!

'You board your raft with your barrel of provisions. It's a frail craft, but it'll do for a while. As you approach the port exit, the water begins to simmer. Then to bubble. Finally, a gigantic whirlpool is formed, in the center of which a giant sea serpent has just emerged!'

:scroll: Goals :

  • Obtain 1 Solid trunk :solid_chest:
  • win 3 enemies (1 vague)
  • :star2: [BOSS] Defeat Lord of the Coast


To have a solid chest do as in the previous tutorial:

^^vote (available every 12 hours) you win a solid chest each time, to open it ^^lb o solid, inside you have: exp, berries, energy and with luck cola.

To defeat your enemies do ^^btl (Where ^^btl a if you don't lose too many HP) (for more info on the fight, see the chapter 2/4)


As soon as you are done just do a ^^chap next.

You will then be asked to take your boat to go to the next island, do ^^boat use and wait for the time before redoing a ^^chap next as soon as the boat arrived on the island.


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