Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the quest And there was light?

Hogwarts Legacy is full of side quests, side missions that aren't linear to the game's main story, but which you must complete if you want to complete the game at 100%. 

Some of the various side quests include And There Was Light, which you can access at the end of your first full day at Hogwarts, i.e. after your Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. . It's about the investigation you must lead to uncover the mystery behind a painting.

The quest is given by Lenora Everleigh, a student of Hufflepuff, who you will find on the right side of the Central Hall looking at the painting in question. To unlock the secrets of the latter and succeed in the quest, you must use one of your most important spells while thoroughly investigating the area. We will take a closer look at how this happens.

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Hogwarts Legacy And there was light

Steps to Complete the And There Was Light Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Following a conversation with Lenora, you will take her advice and use Lumos to bring up the nearest place on the game board. To reach it, you have to turn right and go down the stairs to the south. Turning left at the bottom of the stairs will bring you to the statue depicted in the painting and your character will point out to you that this is the right place. By launching Revelio there, you will find a guide page for the statue of Gregory the Smarmy.

To the left of the statue, you'll find a moth perched on the side of the wall. By casting Lumos in front of this moth, you will see it wake up and follow you into the central hall as long as your wand remains lit. To put the butterfly back, you just have to go up the stairs, stand in front of the frame and cancel Lumos so that it returns to where it was.

After picking up the guide page that appears after the moth returns, you can go to the area above you and tell Lenora about your findings. You are however free to explain everything in detail, or not, as you will receive 180 XP and the Cobalt Regalia outfit, regardless of the dialogue option you choose. There are also other moth paintings to be discovered in the castle, for which you must remain very attentive.

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