Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the Magical Jousting quest?


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Hogwarts Legacy is packed with side quests, secondary missions that are not linear with the game's main story, but which you must complete if you want to complete the set at 100%. To succeed, you need to use the best spells.

Among the various side quests, we can mention those of the Magical Jousts, a name which is at the same time attributed to a secret club of wizards dueling at Hogwarts, which brings together those who want to test their dueling skills. You can participate in the first round on your first day at Hogwarts, then you'll unlock the other two as you progress through the main story.

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Hogwarts Legacy Magical Jousting
Image illustrating the Magic Jousts quest

During Magic Joust rounds, you can team up with Natty or Sebastianor play solo to push your limits further. The third round of magical jousting is less easy, and requires you to use all the combat skills and spells you've learned to win. Here's how the three rounds work, and how you can succeed.

First round of Magic Jousts: Initiation round

The introductory round of Magic Jousts is available as soon as you have beaten your companion Sebastian Sallow during your first course in defense against the forces of evil, on day one that you come to Hogwarts. To begin this first round, you must go to the foot of the Clock Tower courtyard in the south wing of Hogwarts, where you'll find Lucan Brattleby, to whom you must address yourself.

As an initiation phase, this first round is pretty easy, especially as you'll be teaming up with Sebastian to take on two other students. To play, you'll need to break yellow shields with yellow control spellslike Levioso.

During this round, teamwork is important, as this way you can take care of one student while Sebastian takes care of the other. It's also a good opportunity to practice blocking and juggling opponents in the air, using the combination of Levioso or Accio and basic follow-up attacks. Once one student is down, it's easier to concentrate on the next. Successfully completing this first round will earn XP and it will count towards your side quests.

Second round of Magical Jousting: Round of Adepts

For the second round of Magic Jousts, a little less easy than the first, you must facing three students. This time, you can decide whether to team up with Natty or Sebastian. Before the fight, you'll learn that you can break purple shields with Force spells such as AccioThis is one of the first Force spells you get before being able to learn new spells. With Protego to block and Stupefix to follow, then correctly breaking yellow or purple shields, you should be fine.

Third round of Magic Jousts – Championship

Get ready to take on the challenge of the third round of the Joutes Magiques, which pits you against a great group of NPC students who don't give up quickly. To have the best chance of succeeding in this round, it's best to prepare by stocking up on healing items such as Wiggenweld potions in the stores or by preparing them in the potions laboratory.

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Jousting Championship
Image illustrating the third round of the Joutes Magiques championship

You should also equip your best gear from any you've ever obtained, although this may result in an unusual combination. Also remember to press the save key before starting the battle, which will allow you to quickly reload in case of defeat. Most players may want to choose Natty or Sebastian to fight alongside them for the best chance of winning, but it's also possible to fight alone.

To win the third round, you must make repeated rolls to dodge incoming spells or use the Protego to block and deflect attacks. If you find yourself in Leviosa or in AccioIt's crucial not to press the buttons to try to escape. Instead, wait until you see the button appear on the screen before pressing it to escape the attack smoothly.

The best strategy for winning is :

  • Lock targets to break their shields
  • Follow up with basic attacks to juggle opponents in the air;
  • Focus on eliminating one student at a time as much as possible, while restoring your health if necessary.

It's easy to forget to fill up on health, so it's crucial that you keep an eye on your HPs in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can also use launch objects such as boxes by using ancient magic to shatter shields, which cause significant damage and make a fantastic final battle blow.

What does the champion win in Magic Jousts?

As well as giving you a chance to practice your dueling skills with a wand, which is very useful when confronting enemies in PvE, this side quest also allows you toearn XP during each round and unlock one of the game's various cosmetic rewards if you manage to be the champion at the tournament.

By winning the Magic Jousts game, you'll be congratulated by Lucan for being the dueling tournament champion. You'll also be rewarded with the Magic Jousts champion outfit, which you can use to change your outfit by going to the equipment menu (by pressing the X button in the outfit section if you're using an Xbox controller). You can wear the outfit as is, or hide it under another outfit.

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