Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the Inextricable Web quest?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG that is exceptionally rich in side content, giving players the opportunity to further improve their in-game skills by participating in the side quests, which are also required to complete the game at 100 %.

These side quests each have their level of difficulty, with a wide variety of missions to offer players, leading them to explore most places in Hogwarts Legacy. But to start the Inextricable Web side quest, you'll just have to venture a short distance from Hogwarts to track down a rather dangerous spider.

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Start of the Inextricable Web side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

To start it, go to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and talk to Crispin Dunne by the fireplace. The fastest way to reach this location is to teleport to the southern floo flame, then head north.

During your conversation with Crispin, he will tell you about his concern about Mary, his friend from Aranshire. This place has been overrun by spiders, but Crispin is too scared to investigate himself. He won't directly tell you to venture there in Aranshire, but you must go there to complete the quest.

Aranshire location

You don't have to go far to find Aranshire, as it's located right next to Hogsmeade. If you're traveling by bala, just go south from Hogsmeade Station. Thus you will find on the other side of the bridge, the hamlet of Aranshire where you will have to fight spiders.

If you've visited Aranshire before, you can fast-travel to Aranshire's Floo Flame to speed up the quest.

Location of Mary

You will be dealing with a large number of arachnids during this quest, so make sure you have Confingo or Incendio in your spell diamond before venturing into Aranshire, as spiders are particularly vulnerable to magic based on fire. Once the spiders are eliminated, enter the house located northwest of the hamlet.

Inside you will find Mary's body wrapped in cobwebs. As you interact with her body, you will discover a note that Mary left behind, which informs that the basement of her house was full of spiders. So you will have to destroy all these spiders after you find the entrance to Mary Portman's cellar behind her house, in order to end the spider infestation problem in Aranshire.

Once in the cellar, go around the wall in front of you to the ladder leading to the cave below. As you pass through the passage into the more open area, your character will see egg sacs and think they all need to be destroyed. A cluster of spiders then descends from the ceiling, and you must deal with them before you can resume your search. To then destroy an Egg Sac, just hit it with a basic spell.

All Egg Sac locations

A total of twelve Egg Sacs need to be destroyed to progress through the Inextricable Web side quest, but not all of them are easy to find. After destroying the three bags hanging at the back of the first large room, you must head southwest and go along the wall on its right. At the next intersection, you'll see more egg sacs facing east, along with another group of spiders.

Once the spiders are eliminated, destroy the three Egg Sacs in sight before going to the back of the room and destroying another one. There is a note from Mary on the table in this area that explains how she raised spiders in her cave in order to profit from the silk they produce.

After returning to the area where you fought the first group of spiders, head north destroying the barricade with a base roll and continue east to find the remaining Egg Sacs. Another cluster of spiders will attack in the next area, but once they've been cleared you can go to the dead end to the east, where there will be another egg sac. Before returning to the previous area, head southwest, where the remaining egg sacs can be seen hanging from both sides of the cave walls.

Egg Sac Source Location

After the Egg Sacs have been destroyed, return to the area where you fought the first group of spiders. A Thornback Matriarch will fight her way through the barricade on the east side, and after clearing her, you can go deeper into the cave.

After going through the next hallway, you'll encounter the Insatiable Spider, a miniboss version of the Spinyback Matriarch.

Fight against the insatiable spider

Hogwarts Legacy Insatiable Spider

The Insatiable Spider's attacks don't include complicated moves, but can be difficult to dodge, due to the other spiders in the area. The best way to start this fight is to start by defeating the little spiders. After defeating them, you can more easily defeat the Insatiable Spider by focusing on it.

Like most spiders in Hogwarts Legacy, the Insatiable Spider will attack you by darting towards you. To avoid being hit, you must dodge whenever the Insatiable Spider raises its front legs.

You can quickly deplete this enemy's health by using the throwable debris in the area, while casting Confringo and Incendio as often as possible. To speed up the fight, cast Ancient Magic to immediately kill the Insatiable Spider.

End of the Inextricable Web side quest

Once the Insatiable Spider is defeated, search the southern corner of the room where you fought it to find a chest containing the Tower Spire, a decorative item that can be placed in the Room of Requirement.

Then, return to the cellar entrance to exit and return to Hogsmeade by teleporting, then talk to Crispin at the Three Broomsticks. You can assume that Mary was an innocent victim or insult her for her actions, knowing that you will however achieve the same end no matter what you choose to answer.

After the scene, you will receive the tablet as a reward Sinister Oddities, an object that can be used to decorate the room on request.

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