Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the Missing Carts quest?

Hogwarts Legacy is full of side quests, side missions that aren't linear to the game's main story, but which you must complete if you want to complete the game at 100%. 

Among the various side quests is one called Missing Chariots, where you'll have to save the enchanted chariots of a helpless goblin that Ranrok loyalists have taken from him. The quest is unlocked after completing the Secrets of the Library Reserve mission. If you have already reached level 7 in the game, you can start the side quest: Missing Carts by having a conversation with a goblin named Arn, whom you will meet in Campolard-en-bas, in the South region of Hogwarts. This goblin's enchanted chariots were stolen by Ranrok loyalists because he doesn't want to join them, this is precisely the subject of the quest he gives you, asking you to spy on the nearby Goblin camp to free his carts.

We will take a closer look at how the quest unfolds.

Hogwarts Legacy Carts Missing

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Progress of the side quest: Carts missing in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to go to where Arn's chariots are held up, in the Goblin camp, to start. You have the option of taking the beaten path south of Campolard-en-bas, or going straight through the forest to the quest marker. Taking the first alternative will take you through ruins, and the second will take you through wolves and spiders. These enemies often come in pairs, so fighting them shouldn't be too difficult for you, given the level you're supposed to be at by this point in the game.

When you get near the Goblin Camp, you'll come across two Ranrok Loyalists, who are tougher than most other enemies in the forest, but can be defeated fairly easily with basic spells. You can then enter their camp by various means, but the easiest is to climb over one of the fences. You'll then have to deal with many goblins once inside, so you'll have to plan to defend yourself, using Protego as well as dodge rolls for the many attacks you'll have to resist.

Once you've defeated all the goblins and collected all the loot, you can head to the big door and open it by pressing the Square button on a PlayStation or X controller if you're using Xbox. You will see carts automatically return to their owner. Besides, you will also have to come back to Arn because it's the end of your quest and you can ask him for a bonus. In any case, completing this mission will have allowed you to obtain 180 XP and the cosmetic object Goblin Helmet, but also the possibility of unlocking Arn as a vendor.

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