Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the Selwyn's End quest?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG that is exceptionally rich in side content, giving players the opportunity to further improve their in-game skills by participating in the side quests, which are also required to complete the game at 100 %.

These side quests are given by NPCs other than the professors who teach spells in exchange for the main quests. They each have their level of difficulty, with a wide variety of missions to offer players.

Hogwarts Legacy Selwyn's End

We're going to see one of these side quests in particular, called The End of Selwyn, assigned by Hyacinth Oliver. 

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Beginning of The End of Selwyn quest in Hogwarts Legacy

The side quest The End of Selwyn will be assigned by Hyacinth Oliver which will be available to you when you have completed the main quest: The Helm of Urkot. It is advisable to trigger it, once you reach level 35, by teleporting to Cragfort's Floo Flame, where you will see the quest's author. She'll explain that a group of Ashwinders led by Sylvanus Selwyn have terrorized Cragfort, offering a reward for anyone who can infiltrate their secret lair at Clagmar Castle and eliminate Selwyn.

Location of Clagmar Castle

From Cragcroft, you will have to get on your broomstick and head southwest until you see the ruins of a castle on top of a hill. This is Clagmar Castle, where you can teleport quickly if you have already activated the Floo Flame there, this will allow you to speed up the quest.

Upon arrival, you'll need to explore the purple circle on your minimap to find Selwyn, one of 21 infamous enemies strewn across the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Like most infamous foes, Selwyn has reinforcements, and you'll need to prepare for a rather tough fight before facing her.

Technique to fight Silvanus Selwyn

You won't have to look too far to find him Silvanus Selwyn when you arrive at Clagmar Castle, because together with his band they will launch an attack on you as soon as they see you. So it's best to use the disillusion spell to sneak into the ruins and take out Selwyn without interference.

To do this, enter the ruins from the south while remaining invisible and sneak up to Selwyn from the left side of the tent he is standing in front of. Throw Petrificus Totalus at him from behind to deplete a large portion of his health, which won't render him incapacitated for combat, however.

The Petrificus Totalus spell you cast on Selwyn will at the same time let all enemies in Clagmar Castle know where you are, but they will revert to their previous position if you leave the area. It is therefore possible to defeat Selwyn by leaving the area several times and sneaking back to throw Petrificus Totalus at him, but you can also face him directly if you prefer.

In this case, the best way to start the fight is to get rid of the other Ashwinders in the area. You can then focus all your attention on Selwyn.

Selwyn's attacks are pretty easy to predict as he only has two. The first is to throw Depulso at you, and the second is to summon lightning that falls from the sky on the place where you are positioned.

Depulso can be blocked with a well-placed Protego, but you can't help but dodge Selwyn's lightning attack. You can, however, weaken him with the Stupefy spell after blocking his Depulso spell, which will make him vulnerable for a few moments.

End of the side quest: The end of Selwyn

Hogwarts Legacy Quest The End of Selwyn

After defeating Selwyn and her minions, you can return to Cragcroft to join Hyacinth Oliver at the top of the hill where she gave you the quest.

By interacting with her, you will be able to negotiate the value of your reward, which will net you 500 Galleons (although she will insult you), instead of 300 if you opt for the other response choice "Happy to help ".

Again, as with other side quests, your choice will have no impact on the main story, and will not prevent you from receiving the Cinder Serpent Skull Gloves in addition to the Galleons.

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