Hogwarts Legacy: Where to find all the Landing Pads?

Among the exploration challenges you can complete in Hogwarts Legacy are the landing pads that are found throughout the Highlands. These are collectibles that are paired with your flying mounts and reward you with Quidditch-themed cosmetics (broomstick skins or outfits). We are going to see all the landing pad locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where are the Landing Pads in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Game Matters 20 landing pads, whose exploration time will be reduced when you have unlocked the floo flames of the different regions of the map. 

Landing Pad Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

You can complete a landing pad by landing in the center of it on your broomstick (or other flying mount). Most of the time, you have two challenges to complete on these landing pads, thanks to the popping balloons that come with them. 

Here are the locations of 20 landing pads in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Hogsmeade Valley Landing Pads (2)
    • The first is to the east at the edge of the cliffs. Flying up you will have a view of the poachers.
    • The second is installed in the northernmost parts of Hogsmeade Valley. To find her, head to the fast travel point east of North Ford Swamp.
  • Hogwarts North Region Landing Pads (2)
    • The first is to the left of the Floo Flame in the East of the North area of Hogwarts.
    • The second is along the cliffs of the river, towards the western part of the North region of Hogwarts, on the northeast side of the ruins of Korrow.
  • North Ford Marsh Landing Pad (1)
    It is located southwest of the Pitt-Upon-Ford fast travel point.
  • Hogwarts South Region Landing Pad (1)
    This one is perched on the cliff to the south-east of the hamlet of Aranshire.
  • Hogwarts Valley Landing Pads (3)
    • You can teleport to the first one with the fast travel point west of the Hogwarts Valley, in the direction of the source of ancient magic, on the right part in the ruins.
    • The second can be found in the far south of the same region, under the fast travel point The Eye of the Mine.
    • As for the last one, it's at the top of the western Hogwarts Valley fast travel point.
  • Feldcroft Area Landing Pads (4)
    • The first is east of Feldcroft hamlet, at the very top of one of the ruined structures next to the troll lair.
    • To access the second one, head towards Feldcroft's North Floo Flame to get northeast to the West Floo Flame side of the Hogwarts Valley (almost in the middle of the two points of fast travel).
    • To reach the third landing platform in the Feldcroft area, you have to head towards the floo flame in the south of Feldcroft, you will see next to it on the western part the landing platform, located at the very top of the rock (It possible to use Revelio to locate it quickly).
    • For the last Landing Pad in the Feldcroft Region, it is southwest of the hamlet of Irondale. You can get there by following the river west of Irondale.
  • Landing platforms at Grottaleau lake (2)
    • The first landing platform at Lac de Grottaleau located at the level of the lake bridge.
    • The second is on the left side of the tower tunnel.
  • Landing platforms on the Collet coast (1)
    It can be found on the southernmost tip of the coast.
  • Manor Landing Pads (2)
    • The Manor's first landing pad is west of Cape Manor.
    • On the same area, the second is located on a stone column in the water.
  • Cragcroftshire Landing Pad (1)
    The Cragcroftshire landing pad is placed in the southern part of the Zone, on a stone column.
  • Salgat Coast Landing Platform (1)
    It is placed on the small islet in the far south, very close to Grapcorne's nest.

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