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  1. WordPress and Kinsta make it easy to creation, management and security for developers, even without coding skills.
  2. Despite its high cost, Kinsta stands out for its speed, customer support and compatibility with WordPress plugins and themes, making it a popular choice among users.
  3. Kinsta offers high-performance managed hosting based on Google Cloud, with backup and data protection features.

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Sites like WordPress or cloudflare are very popular with today's web developers thanks to their ease of use. Indeed, designing, managing, developing and protecting your own web site network is getting easier these days, even without any in-depth knowledge of coding.

As they offer fast solutions for online services, new Internet tools for additional high-performance services, such as plugins and innovative platforms to make WordPress more autonomous and complete.

Right now, if you're using WordPress as a content manager and want premium security, fear no more - this article is for you! We're going to talk about a a tool designed to help youHere's an overview of Kinsta, its features and prices. We're off!

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Image showing the different reviews of Kinsta
Image illustrating the different reviews, features and prices of Kinsta

As a reminder, WordPress is the most widely used website creation platform in the world. In fact, 40 % of the websites we consult are all designed by the famous WordPress.

It's also worth remembering that the advantage with sites based on coding, is that the security of data and information is guaranteed. unwavering thanks to manual enhancement solutions performed by teams of web developers on the server. Automatic system monitoring and support are impeccable in the face of this.

What are Kinsta's features?

This is a cloud manager which offers managed WordPress hosting. It was designed to provide users with a high-performance infrastructure for their WordPress-based websites. Kinsta is involved in database management.

  • In this management section, Kinsta talks about the data restoration, of the securing data as well as automated backup.
  •  It is characterized byUsing Google Cloud Platform which enables it to store customer data while benefiting from seamless protection.
  • Thanks to Google Cloud Platform's two reinforced firewalls, users can say goodbye to malicious attacks.

Find out more about Kinsta's other features:

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In-depth exploration of Kinsta's performance :

The power of Google Cloud Platform

Here are the types of data Kinsta offers for consumer satisfaction.

  • Redis 5.0 and 6.x
  • MariaDB10.4, 10.5 and 10.6
  • PostgreSQL9.6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15
  • MySQL 8.0
Google Cloud Platform - Kinsta
Google Cloud Platform - Kinsta

Kinsta has chosen Google Cloud servers to create its entire web hosting service. As a result, it also makes it much easier to maintain a solid, up-to-date server network, unlike most other hosts who rent space on their own servers. Behind the scenes, Google takes care of everything.

Another advantage is theaccess to an entire network data centers around the world. So, even though Kinsta is an American company, you can host your WordPress site as close as possible to your audience.

Performance and Speed: Beyond the norm

Kinsta is a platform that works at a speed really impressive compared to its competitors on the market. This quality enables it to compete with Hostinger and other sizeable hosting providers. While the average rating of a site or tool is based on its functionality, price, quality of service and performance, Kinsta's rating is based on its performance, with a score of 4.9 stars out of 5.

  • For the other KPIs, here are the details (score out of 5):
  • Features: 4.0
  • User-friendliness: 4.7
  • Performance: 4.9
  • Support: 4.3
  • Price: 3.0

Considering the return rates on the 5 items mentioned, Kinsta obtains a score of 4.7 stars on average, and ranks eighth out of more than 270 web hosts.

Safety: sleep soundly

The protecting your data is one of Kinsta's main objectives. In fact, Kinsta's documents help you learn how to switch your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS.

To do this, consult the website guide:

🔏Guide to protect my data with Kinsta🔏

Screen from Kinsta's official website highlighting one of its features, WordPress hosting
Screen from Kinsta's official website highlighting one of its features, WordPress hosting

User management :

Since its inception, Kinsta has proved its worth in the eyes of the public. Opinions are rife about it, some good, but others implying disinterest and demands for improvement. On the other hand, Kinsta's maintenance team and executives should be attentive and take detractors' opinions as a warning signal to better serve their prospects.

We're going to give you some of the opinions of Kinsta users below, but it's important to know that this feedback has been tried and tested. Kinsta's strength lies in its simplicity of use: users feel they've been served and are quickly integrated.

Here's an explanatory video to help you discover the Kinsta tool:

User reviews of Kinsta

Testimonials and experience :

Kinsta is managed in such a way as to be pleasantly efficient for all those who have tried it. It often responds perfectly to the requests and demands of its customers. In fact, the customer reviews we'll be listing in the following lines are taken from Capterra :

"Kinsta is, by far, the best managed hosting provider I've tried in this area. Again, Kinsta's customer support team is the best thing about this company."

"The quality of hosting (speed and stability) is very good. As I have no technical background in the field, the service and support help me a lot."

"The best server hosting company I've ever used and with pleasant, professional support, you're in good hands."

"The best server hosting company I've ever used and with pleasant, professional support, you're in good hands."

"I switched to Kinsta because I was receiving frequent attacks with my previous host. These problems have disappeared with Kinsta."

"The only problems I've had are during an upgrade. These problems were quickly resolved thanks to Kinsta's support."

 "Kinsta offers a good management system for our WordPress sites, allowing us to focus on content creation and forget about back-end issues. Excellent documentation on Kinsta's help section."

 "Kinsta offers good support. It's my favorite feature. They also offer it in Spanish, which is very important for my staff who don't speak English very well. Besides the support, they have a very solid infrastructure and know WordPress very well."

"Simple, elegant GUI design, useful staging functionality"

"I switched to Kinsta after having problems with a previous host. I was very happy with my choice. The transfer was easy. I had very few problems. When something came up, the support chat with Kinsta was excellent. I prefer phone support. However, the 24/7 chat support with Kinsta worked in every case."

"If you're looking for the best managed WordPress hosting service, Kinsta is what you need. In addition to being lightning fast, they offer quality service and plenty of free tools: a powerful CDN, free SSL and latest-generation php."

The only shortcoming that customers regularly mention is the subscription price which is high compared to the competition

The only way to check everything on Kinsta:

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Customer service: the key to success

As explained in the previous paragraphs, the quality of our assistance service is of the highest standard. 4.3 out of 5 stars. This score is still within the average range, but there is still a lot to work on, such as the cat box for new prospects.

  • Indeed, Kinsta doesn't have a real instant chat where prospects can write and receive a live response. Instead, they provide these gens a kind of form which they will fill in and send.
  • There is also another way to contact them, via a mail. This second method is the most practical, as you'll receive a faster response than with the chat form.

On the other hand, for people who already belong to their customersKinsta provides human assistance that is available to them. at any time.

Here's a video from Kinsta that explains how to become a web developer from scratch and find a job :

The Financial Question

Kinsta's price list

As far as pricing is concerned, Kinsta offers 4 plans to choose from:

  • Web applications ;
  • Databases ;
  • WordPress websites ;
  • Static sites.

Static sites : You can try out this Kinsta package free of charge. Of course, it's limited in terms of functionality, but you can still try it out to familiarize yourself with the tool.

Applications :
This tariff is available for a free test and can only be purchased with a payment of 7 $ per month. By opening the sub-details, you'll have more visibility on the offer in question, but the important thing is that at just 7 $, you get 0.3 CPU and 300 MB RAM. What's more, a free trial is available.

Data base
This is also available as a free trial and 18 $ per month. Apart from acquiring 0.25 CPU and 250 MB RAM, you also get 1 GB of storage. This plan may be the most useful and suitable version for small businesses. What's more, a free trial is available.

WordPress websites
For 30 $ per month payable annually, Kinsta offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you choose this offer, you get 10 GB of storage space and a guarantee of 25,000 monthly visits.

Now that you know a little more about each offer :

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Kinsta and the competition

Kinsta has more than 270 competing hosts, ranking 8th among the best. On the cache, fluidity and data security, Kinsta hasn't had too many alerts. On the other hand rate which penalizes him and prevents certain individuals from becoming his customers.

However, Kinsta offers users the opportunity to test its functions free of charge before committing to pay.

Would you like to take a free test?

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Kinsta and the world of WordPress

Plugins and themes: unrivalled compatibility

WordPress is packed with plug-ins that give users a wide range of animation styles, interface templates, font styles and many other features that differentiate one plug-in from another.

As far as themes are concerned, this is part of the strength of WordPress. install a suitable theme to the nature of your business and WordPress will generate a complete template for you.

So all you have to do is modify variables, add and delete a few pages, buttons and blocks as needed.

compatible popular plugins
Image of compatible popular plugins

What do people generally say about Kinsta?

Kinsta makes it easy to manage hosting and offers a secure experience for its users. Admittedly, some people show a lack of interest in this tool, but that doesn't prevent it from achieving an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Truspilot.

Smooth and easy to use, all you need to do is click basic knowledge and you familiarize yourself with Kinsta to take full advantage of its benefits. Many of our customers testify to the diligence of our technical support, which is available to them 24/7.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kinsta?

Like any tool, Kinsta also has its strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, before opting for a particular tool, it's always a good idea to know the pros and cons. Here they are for Kinsta:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Powered by Google Cloud servers for best performance.
  • Intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface
  • Frequent automatic/scheduled backups. You can also make manual backups.
  • Fully secure
  • Free migration
  • Kinsta offers managed hosting plans dedicated exclusively to WordPress.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Offers interesting services such as free SSL certificates, unlimited users, CDN, etc.
  • Improves response time, loading speed and site availability.
  • Costs can be high for some, especially when compared to other similar software.
  • Monthly traffic and number of sites limited
  • Do not offer a free domain name
  • No e-mail hosting option
  • Memory limit is 256 MB
  • Weaker performance on e-commerce sites

So, would you like to benefit from all its advantages?

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Introduction to the Kinsta Revolution

Hosting sites have been propelled to a level of crucial importance in the modern world. And this system is perfect for developers who don't have the means to secure their site on a reliable server external to their machine, to avoid data loss.

The Kinsta site is therefore a site whose main activity is to hosting Where hosting. It's a platform focused on website hosting, with a connection to WordPress for website creation and configuration (php).

But that's not all: in its extension, accommodation services include theData analysis as well as safe navigation (traffic) in the face of cybercrime. Online hosting is an option that can help you to better manage and protect your digital datasuch that :

  • Your blogs,
  • Uploaded images and photos,
  • Videos online,
  • Other types of files you want to make available to your customers.

Why choose a specialized WordPress host like Kinsta?

In order to maximize performance of WordPress, having a site that complements its service is useful. Knowing the scope of this content manager, it would be very smart to set up a dedicated hosting provider. It's true that WordPress works with some very powerful hosts, such as Hostinger and EX2. These hosters have undeniably contributed to the heyday of WordPress.

And since the latter's reputation is a big seller, having a site that complements and connects to WordPress is a good project plan for its designers in order to directly market the site. promoting the new site and get the customer loyalty. In fact, the fact that these two sites are so closely linked means that consumers can be sure that they're getting the best possible service. excellent job speed they don't have to worry about a lot of things.

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