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Looking for a tool to help you with your daily tasks? You have two options: Krowdster, and Monday.com. Both are digital programs with their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, Krowdster is the popular alternative to Monday.com in terms of integration tools. These management tools are comprehensive. They're designed to help you better manage your team or your sale. Flexible tools that let you collaborate across teams. You'll get more out of them for organizing your project and your team. In this review, let's find out more about these two management tools: options, features, etc.

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Mainly Krowdster specializes in the management of participatory financing campaigns. Krowdster is the the best ally for entrepreneurs as well as project planners in order to to make their plan impeccable and, above all, to achieve their profit targets.

In addition, Krowdster offers its users various functions such as thedata analysis, search for potential donors and the create detailed reports to optimize campaign performance. As far as money is concerned, Krowdster is much more expensive than Monday.com and has a below-average score on survey sites. Krowdster has again a lot of work to do to earn the trust of its users.

For its part, Monday.com is software designed to manage projects andensure the smooth running of a team in terms of organization. What makes it interesting is that it has the ability to facilitate communication between team membersandorganize tasks according to a set objective. Monday.com stands out from Krowdster with its customized dashboard andother additional functions that meet the needs of its customers. This platform has very good ratings on survey sites verified by our editors.

Whether at the functionality, support or value for moneyMonday.com is simply superior to Krowdster. If the latter costs 49.99 $ per month, the Monday.com pro package is only 19 $ per month with the possibility of benefiting froma free trial offered by the platform. Clearly, the difference is crucial, and we therefore recommend Monday.com as a service provider. Nevertheless, it is preferable to test the free version of the tool before purchasing it.

Overview of Krowdster

As you already know, Krowdster is a platform specializing in the marketing and analysis of participatory financing. It has an online searchable database. The database is updated daily, thanks to a directory of backers. As a result, using Krowdster's crowdfunding tools is easy. At the same time, the software will work in tandem with the company's marketing, analysis and support tools. The tool has been designed to support users in their efforts to achieve success with crowdfunding platforms.

Krowdster's main features

Krowdster is a crowdfunding analysis, optimization and promotion application. It is based on Big Data for campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo. Here are Krowdster's main features:

  • Campaign management
  • A CRM function
  • Pledge management
  • Volunteer management
  • Subscription management
  • Event management
  • Donations
  • SMS donations
  • Registration management
  • Report and statistics
  • Receipt management

Krowdster pricing

First of all, Krowdster offers a free trial version so you can test the software's features. The subscription price starts at 49.99 $ per month for the paid version. Better value for money for those who want to run a better crowdfunding campaign.

Monday.com overview

Let's move on to Monday.com, its features and pricing:

General description of Monday.com

Monday.com is an online work management platform. It facilitates teamwork and project management. It enhances transparency within a company. But Monday.com isn't just for online project management, it's also for :

  • Manage your projects
  • Managing your business needs
  • Manage your marketing projects
  • Managing your human resources
  • Software development
  • Manage operations
  • Managing teleworking.

Monday.com's main features

Monday.com offers several features to optimize your work, including :

  • By contributing to the creation of an intuitive, customizable table
  • The creation of simplified automation using various templates and models
  • Chat and other collaborative tools
  • Other integrations and features: tracker, different table views. However, these are only available with a Basic package.

Video : Tutorial on setting up a project with Monday.com.

Monday.com pricing

Monday.com offers a free version, which is of course limited in time and functionality, especially if you work in project mode. This version is ideal for freelancers who want to create a CRM, or those who want to manage their own projects or schedules. This free trial version lasts 14 days to test the tool and understand the interface and functionalities. Although the application offers better value for money, the price is still higher than those of competitors. Here's a breakdown of what's on offer:

  • Free offer available for 2 users, featuring: 3 tables, unlimited documents and over 200 customizable templates
  • Basic package at €8 per month per user, with unlimited items, 5 GB file storage and priority customer service
  • The Standard package costs €10 per month per user, and offers calendar and Gantt views, automation and 250 integration actions per month. In fact, this version is the most popular at Monday.com.
  • The Pro package at €16 per month per user, offering a diagrammatic view as well as a dashboard with more than 10 tables, and 25,000 actions per month to facilitate integration and automation.
  • The Enterprise offer for advanced reporting and analysis, as well as customized integrations. The functionalities offered by this product range are reserved for enterprises. Prices on request.

You'll also benefit from a free 14-day trial for each plan you choose.

Direct comparison: Krowdster vs Monday.com

Krowdster and Monday.com are both software programs designed to make it easier for companies to create and automate certain marketing campaigns.

Common ground

Krowdster and Monday.com are platforms for online work. They allow you to manage the participation of either teams or participants on a specific theme. They offer a free trial version, a wide range of features and customer support that's always ready to listen. These platforms offer a wide range of functions for specific tasks.

Key differences

They are not all the same software, they are different from each other:

  • In terms of price, Monday.com is much cheaper than Krowdster. In fact, the range of offers is far more varied than Krowdster's.
  • On the other hand, Monday.com's customer support is much more helpful.
  • But Krowdster's features are more varied than those offered by Monday.com.

Typical users: Who should choose what?

Targeting is also an important area when choosing any application. Indeed, if you know who the application is aimed at, it will be easy for you to make a choice.

User profiles for Krowdster

First of all, Krowdster is crowdfunding software, so it's suitable for all project-based users. For those looking for full funding or donations, Krowdster is the perfect software. For those who have a project but not enough money to carry it out, Krowdster is the perfect software. Whether you're a company, an individual or anything in between.

User profiles for Monday.com

Monday.com is an application dedicated to the automation of various tasks. In other words, it was designed to facilitate team management and optimize online work. Monday.com supports those who want to optimize their working time, especially those who want to work in project mode.


In summary, Krowdster and Monday.com are both applications that enable users to optimize their working time by offering an easy online solution. However, they both offer different but varied functionalities. To choose one, you need to establish your user profile to determine which of these two platforms is really right for you. Don't hesitate to share your feedback after testing one of these two platforms.

However, before opting for Monday.com, it would be wiser to :

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